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GWM will launch 50 electric and hybrid vehicles by 2025. – Dubai Car News

Great wall motor It will introduce “more than 50” electric and hybrid-powered vehicles by 2025, ahead of plans to dump petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

It aims to become a leading global player in electric vehicles, known in China as ‘new energy vehicles’. This includes hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric powertrains and every GWM brand including Haval, Ora, Tank and Wey.

A number of these vehicles are already on sale in China, or are in advanced stages of development, GWM said.

ORA The Next Ora Cat Rear


It also plans to open its first zero-carbon factory in 2023, while the project also includes hydrogen fuel cell vehicles that are currently in testing.

Currently, only the main GWM brand – which sells the Ute – and Haval’s range of SUVs are available in Australia, however, it is expected to launch sub-brands Ora and Tank in 2023, which will offer electric city cars and hybrid 4x4s. will present

It will likely include the 2023 GWM Aura NextCat electric sedan, due out at the Paris motor show this week, and electric versions of the Jeep Wrangler-sized Tank 300 and Toyota Prado-competing Tank 500 off-roaders.

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While these models are unconfirmed for Australia, all are tipped to arrive in late 2023 or early 2024 – joining next year’s GWM Ora Good Cat electric hatchback.

This will follow the launch of the Haval H6 Hybrid and Haval Jolion Hybrid in Australia within the last six months.

A hybrid version of the H6 GT ‘coupe’ SUV is available overseas, but a local launch with the H6 plug-in hybrid is yet to be locked in.

2023 Haval Jolion Ultra Hybrid Review Australia 27


GWM also presented the export versions of the plug-in hybrid Wey Coffee 01 and Coffee 02 SUVs at the Paris show, known in China as the Wey Macchiato and Latte respectively.

In addition, GWM will also install solar charging stations in Europe in the coming years.

“We seek not only economic benefits, but a sustainable future for our employees and customers,” said Harry Meng, GWM’s head of European markets, in a media release.

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