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Hero Electric partners with NP Technology – Dubai Car News

Hero Electric, India’s largest electric 2-wheeler manufacturer, has played a major role in developing the EV market in the country. Being the leader for the longest time, Hero Electric has 850+ sales and service outlets across the country.

Along with an extensive charging network, the company is committed to providing green mobility solutions to achieve the net-zero vision. For this, the company is always working to strengthen the penetration of its electric vehicles in various sectors.

Hero Electric partners with NP Technology Dubai Car News

The company is committed to electrifying India and expanding the EV sector. Hero Electric has pledged to convert its B2B business to 65% emission-free mobility.


Hero Electric has partnered with NP technology and financial advisory, e-mobility consulting, skill development, financing, and fleet operations businesses. The main objective behind this partnership is to increase the reach of platform-based fleet operators for their electric 2-wheelers.

Additionally, gig workers will be added to the overall platform to replace travel for individuals. This would be the driver-owner model, i.e. where the operator of the vehicle is the owner of the vehicle.

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What is it about?

The partnership will accelerate the growth of Gig workers on green mobility platforms. This will be for personal and freight for the last mile delivery portion.

Both Hero Electric and NP Technology will train riders on the platform, provide financial support. To provide complete business ecosystem support to Gig workers working with businesses like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber, etc.

NP Technology and Financial Advisors will also initiate projects to improve rural livelihoods and create opportunities through entrepreneurship.

Official statements

1672221609 893 Hero Electric partners with NP Technology Dubai Car News

Commenting on the partnership, Hero Electric CEO, Mr. Suhandar Gill said, “Hero Electric is committed to providing affordable and efficient electric mobility solutions across India to work towards the Net-Zero vision. In furtherance of this vision, Hero Electric is partnering to electrify the last mile delivery segment and promote clean and green fuel technology. Our partnership with NP Technology and Financial Advisor B2B Fleet Will help drive the message and importance of clean mobility to management and help transform the logistics landscape for India.

Pankaj Sharma, Partner, NP Technology & Financial Advisor said, “We are delighted to be associated with Hero Electric. Through our strategic partnership in Skill Development – Skillmatics and Logistics Skill Council, we provide our customers with Gig Workers Will offer the best ecosystem for business options that are easy to access and do business with.

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