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Hero Electric recorded the highest sales figures. – Dubai Car News

Hero Electric, India’s oldest and largest electric two-wheeler company, a company that started everything in India with electric scooters and a company that needs no introduction, has launched in the year 2022 so far. Recorded sales of over 100,000 units. The milestone reflects Hero’s market leadership for over a decade. Hero has more than 6 lakh customers using HERO ELECTRIC E-Scooters for more than a decade, which is commendable and reflects the solid image of the brand.

What are they still focused on? Hero Electric is focused on building a complete EV ecosystem that supports the growth of the E2W category and is engaging in multiple partnerships to meet all the needs and desires of consumers, be it charging, servicing or financing. I am The rapid electrification of the city speed category and the last mile delivery segment has continued to drive its sales, supported by a strong infrastructure and growing consumer awareness.

Hero Electric recorded the highest sales figures Dubai Car

Available Information

Official statement

Mr. Suhandar Gill, CEO, Hero Electric, commented “The EV business is very different from the ICE vehicle business. We started with a ‘so-called green field’ but not a single cat of grass 15 years ago! We had to grow the EV category like a delicate plant and protect it from the cold waves that surprisingly came from businesses that felt the heat of rapid EV growth. One such obstacle is 2022. Thrown in our way was the carpet-bombing of a series of malicious carefully-crafted campaigns to bring down the top E2W players, including us, carpet-bombing all ministries and the media.

These faceless Swiss-based fairs gradually widened their net to 12 EV players, leaving only the legacy players untouched. These mischievous elements took our volume down to half of what was planned but did not deprive us of our market leadership position. Achieving record high sales under such external factors was no mean feat and is a solid example of Team Hero’s commitment and determination to remain true heroes despite all odds. Special thanks to our network, suppliers and partners for making this happen.

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Future plans

Future goals? Hero Electric is poised to achieve its target of 5 million EVs in 3 years as it invests in increasing productivity, expanding its dealerships, and training/re-skilling PGOs to build an ecosystem. is continuing. It aims to train/reskill over 25,000 mechanics under its PGO initiative for a better EV ownership experience. Addressing the range anxiety requirements, Hero has also set a target to build a comprehensive charging network by installing up to 20,000 stations through the partnership.

Committed to electrifying mobility in India, Hero Electric is collaborating to strengthen the local supply chain to encourage the Make in India mission. It has partnered with Battrixx, NIDEC, and several other component developers to bring EVs on par with ICE counterparts. Hero Electric signed an MoU for its second state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and held the foundation stone ceremony for its enhanced capacity plant in Ludhiana.

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