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Hero Vada Released Tomorrow: What to Expect – Dubai Car News

The electric scooter market is constantly growing with new great entrants every year. We have seen many startups like Ola launch the S1 scooter and brands like TVS launch the iQube. Now, Hero is all set to launch its first electric scooter. The new e-scooter will be sold under the Vida brand and will be unveiled tomorrow. Let’s take a look at it:

Hero Vada Released Tomorrow What to Expect Dubai Car

Hero recently released a set of teasers that gave us a hint of what to expect. One of the teasers claimed that it will come with ‘best-in-class’ features, indicating that we can expect a lot of unique features on offer. Another teaser revealed that the scooter will come with replaceable batteries. This will ensure that users can quickly replace their depleted batteries with fully charged batteries at the battery station.

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Although we all have heard the name Hero Electric and it actually belongs to the same family, Hero MotoCorp cannot sell its EVs under the name ‘Hero Electric’ as the brand retains its identity and is independent. Works as The six trademarked names are giving a taste of the wide variety of two-wheelers that Hero can have in mind. Requested names are; ‘Vida Electric’, ‘Vida EV’, ‘Vida Mobility’, ‘Vida Scooter’, ‘Vida Motorcycles’, and ‘Vida MotoCorp’. Although Hero has only announced its plans for an electric scooter, these patents suggest that the brand will soon be looking into the electric motorcycle business. Providing an adequate network of service stations and charging stations is also a concern for EVs, and names like ‘Vida Electric’, and ‘Vida Mobility’ also hint at plans to build a network for EV customers. Hero MotoCorp is a big name in the petrol two-wheeler market, and we hope it delivers similar performance in the EV industry. It will compete with all existing e-scooters including Ola S1 and S1 Pro and Ather 450x. It will be interesting to see what Hero will come up with at a time when the E-Scooter market is touching new heights and every other brand has something different to offer. Hero Vida can be placed on the more affordable side of the market as it has battery replacement technology. The only other known electric scooter to feature battery replacement technology is the Bounce Infinity E1.

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