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Honda e:N2 Concept Previews Next EVs to be sold exclusively in China – Dubai Car News

Honda is bolstering its electrified lineup in China, one of the world’s largest markets for electric vehicles. Around this time last year, it debuted a set of show cars called e:N Concepts, a preview of future Honda EVs for the People’s Republic.

Honda has already started selling the e:NS1 and e:NP1 electric SUVs earlier this year. Now, the Japanese automaker has premiered the e:N2 Concept, which is said to be a concept model of the second set of e:N series models that will be produced exclusively in China by Dongfeng Honda and GAC Honda. Will be sold through joint ventures. The concept car was shown to the public at the 5th China International Import Expo in Shanghai.

The e:N2 concept takes several cues from the e:N GT concept, one of five EVs introduced last year for China only. It sports a bold look, defined by sharp lines and futuristic lighting elements, highlighting the black metal look.

Although not clear from the image provided in the press release, the e:N2 concept appears to come with four doors, although the body style is something “that doesn’t belong in existing categories,” according to Honda. Reports from China have named the new concept car as an SUV.

Honda didn’t provide any images for the interior though the release mentioned that it comes with a clean and uncluttered digital cockpit as well as passenger-centric features courtesy of Honda Connect. There is also the presence of lighting and fragrance in the cabin.

Meanwhile, the e:N2 concept is built on top of the e:N architecture F developed exclusively for the e:N series models. According to Honda, it has been designed to deliver exceptional driving pleasure, outstanding vehicle stability, and crisp handling.

Honda plans to launch 10 e:N series models in China by 2027, which will be manufactured at dedicated EV production plants. After 2030, all Honda models in China will be either hybrids or full EVs, and by 2040 everything will be purely electric.

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