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Honda has launched a war against fake parts. – Dubai Car News

Honda. The Japanese manufacturer, which focuses on quality, faces problems in this area. This is not Honda’s fault, but there are many fake parts that are causing this problem. Honda plans to do something about it.

Committed to customer safety, Honda has a zero tolerance policy for counterfeit parts. Continuing its drive against fake parts, Honda’s dedicated Intellectual Property (IP) wing in collaboration with a police team from Police Station Bhosari, Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune conducted a search and seizure operation on 25 November 2022, and a large number of I seized two fakes. M/s Bhagwati Automobile Wheel Parts located at PCMT Depot, Garudat Colony

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An FIR has been registered against the accused under the provisions of the Copyright Act. According to the FIR, during the raid, more than 2400 fake parts worth more than 5 lakh rupees in the name of ‘Honda Genuine Parts’ have been recovered and seized. The seized parts include – air filter, clutch plates, piston cylinders etc. The police have also arrested Mr. Devendra Shah, the owner, and Mr. Chetan Bora, the manager of M/s Bhagwati Automobile.

Honda is wary of fake parts and with a determination to protect the riders, Honda’s IP wing has lodged complaints with various state police departments. Subsequently, the police conducted raids in Pune (Maharashtra), Bangalore (Karnataka), New Delhi, Ghaziabad (UP), and Malda (West Bengal) and seized more than 27,000 fake parts worth Rs. was more than 30 lakhs during FY 2022.

Counterfeit parts not only reduce the performance of the vehicle but also genuine Honda parts for optimum vehicle performance and personal safety. Honda’s dedicated Intellectual Property (IP) wing will continue its crackdown on counterfeit parts in the future. Also, it could damage Honda’s reputation.

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