Opening ceremony of Honda eswap services

Honda improves battery replacement network – Dubai Car News

EVs are quite new in India. Replacing batteries can be a daunting task, especially when the network in India is not that developed, batteries are quite expensive, and since EVs are new, there is no organized system to deal with electrical servicing and battery replacement. There is no infrastructure. Vehicles However, Honda Power Pack Energy India Ltd. (HEID) has something that can solve these problems.

Honda Power Pack Energy India Private Limited (HEID), the battery swap service subsidiary of Honda Motor Company Limited, and Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL), a joint venture between the Government of India and the Government of Karnataka, organized the inauguration ceremony. What did 7th Honda E: Swap Services eventTh December 2022, operated by HEID at BMRCL Metro stations.

Honda improves battery replacement network Dubai Car News

In November 2021, HEID was established to launch a battery swap service for electric auto-rickshaws in India. HEID’s battery swap service will enable rickshaw drivers to stop at nearby battery stations to be set up in select cities and swap discharged batteries (Honda Mobile Power Pack E:) with fully charged batteries. can Using this service will significantly reduce the initial cost of purchasing an EV for drivers, as well as reduce range concerns and concerns about running out of batteries.

New swap points

HEID and BMRCL signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the field of e-mobility and reaffirmed their mutual commitment by developing their swap station network. HEID has already set up Honda e:Swap stations at 5 BMRCL stations in Bengaluru (KR Market, National College, Banashankari, Trinity, Byapanahalli Station) and has initially started its operations for electric auto rickshaws which are Honda Mobile. Compatible with Power Pack e: This partnership will accelerate the penetration of e-mobility in the last and fastest connectivity and contribute to a clean and green future.

HEIDs vision is to build the largest battery swapping station network in Bengaluru by July 2023 by establishing more than 70 stations. Additionally, based on the success in Bengaluru city, the service will be expanded to other major cities in a phased manner.

An inauguration ceremony has been held on 7 December 2022, where the two parties celebrated the progress of the partnership and reaffirmed their mutual commitment to realizing a greener future for the city of Bengaluru through carbon neutrality and electrification of micro-mobility. of

Honda improves battery replacement network Dubai Car News

Official statements

President & CMD, Honda Powerpack Energy India, Mr. Kiyoshi Ito “HEID will be focusing on three operations, expanding its battery swap network in Bengaluru, providing reliable service with a highly integrated system monitoring each unique battery and exchanger,” he said. are ensuring, and will support vehicle manufacturers that are developing EVs that use the Honda Mobile Power Pack E: Honda E: Partnering with BMRCL in setting up a swap station network; It will provide first and last mile connectivity to metro users.

Managing Director, BMRCL, Mr. Anjum Parvez, Commented- “People will adopt eco-friendly mobility services, if required setup is provided. As per Karnataka Electric Vehicle and Storage Policy 2017 and to encourage such setup, BMRCL at 5 Metro stations State-of-the-art Honda is pleased to partner with Honda Power Pack Energy India Private Limited (HEID) to provide e:Swap stations. Such charging infrastructure will not only provide metro commuters with their first and last mile connectivity. Not only will it facilitate adaptation to e-mobility, but it will also facilitate other e-mobility vehicle users to become Greener Bangalore partners.

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