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Honda’s five low-cost services increased from $125 to $199 per visit. – Dubai Car News

Honda has increased the price of its five low-cost services from $125 to $199 per dealer.

Pricing for the new service kicks in for customers who signed up after October 1 this year. Existing users who signed up in between. July 30, 2021 and September 30, 2022 will continue to be eligible for $125 annual services..

When Honda moved to a fixed-price agency model in Australia in mid-2021, one could argue that the ability to negotiate a better price was offset by easy-to-understand capped-price servicing that was the cheapest. was available.

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Now, for the Civic small car, Accord medium car, CR-V medium SUV and HR-V small SUV, the price is up to $199/visit. This represents a five-year cost of $995, or $370 increase from previous offer.

That’s still cheaper than Kia’s servicing, with the HR-V’s Seltos AWD rival costing an average of $414.40 over a five-year period.

However, it does mean that Honda’s running costs for its Civic and HR-V are now closer to those of Toyota’s rivals (Corolla Hybrid $205, RAV4 Edge petrol $230).

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Honda’s servicing schedule for all its four models includes a trip to the dealer every 12 months or 10,000 km.

The wheels Honda has been contacted for comment on the increased service costs and will update this article as more information becomes available.

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What is included in Honda annual servicing?

Despite an annual service charge increase by 59 percentthere is no change in Honda’s maintenance schedule.

Below is a breakdown of what is included in the five-year service plan. Oil and filter changes are included as well as diagnostic tests, however any other major items that may need to be replaced – such as tires, lights or brake parts – will cost extra.

Change engine oil (and oil filter every 12 months) Check horn and wiper operation, wiper condition.
Test the electronic operating system according to Honda’s diagnostic procedures. Inspect tire condition and rotate tires as needed.
Inspect tie rod ends, steering gearbox and boots. Check operation of headlights, taillights, indicators, reversing lights and brake lights
Inspect the suspension components. Inspect the front and rear brakes.
Inspect the drive shaft shoes. Inspect the exhaust system.
Inspect brake hoses and lines (including VSA) A test drive to assess noise, stability and dashboard operation
Check fluid and lubricant levels and condition. Inspect the fuel tank, lines and connections.
Replace items such as brake fluid and air filter (when applicable or required by manufacturer’s schedule)

This information is listed in the owner’s section of its Australian website, and was published for the first time. Drive.

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