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How long is the Kia delivery delay? – Dubai Car News

How long is the Kia delivery delay Dubai Car

After a new Kia, but not sure how long you have to wait?

Semiconductor chip shortages, shipping problems and problems such as disease and isolation have affected manufacturing capacity. what To continue their production lines in the past two years.

Thus, all the models of the brand are currently facing some delay.

However, some models are in greater supply than others, with flexibility in powertrains, specifications and vehicle color that will likely see the car in your driveway sooner.

Overall, according to The price of my carthe average waiting time for Kia is now 151 days – compared to 181 days in January 2022.

The fastest arrival is the Stonic light SUV with an average wait of 71 days, followed by the Rio at 87 days.

Meanwhile, the most affected models in Kia’s lineup are the Stinger Sports sedan and Sportage medium SUV, with waits of 208 days and 162 days, respectively. The Sorento large SUV and the Carnival people mover also face long waits of around 140 days.

At the moment, the Carnival V6 petrol variants will have a longer waiting time than the four-cylinder diesel models.

Kia Average Model Wait Times 2022

Model Wait for the time.
Spicy 90 days
Rev 87 days
Serato 142 days
Stinger 208 days
Stonic 71 days
Seltos 137 days
Sportage 162 days
Sorrento 143 days
Carnival 141 days
Nero See dealer
EV6 See dealer

Note: This information is current as of October 29, 2022. This article will be reviewed and amended as new details emerge.

A Kia Australia spokeswoman said the company was “continually in discussions with head office to access additional stock to positively impact wait times”.

“Estimating wait times is not straight forward as the situation is very fast and many variables have to be taken into account such as model, specification, color and production scheduling,” he added.

In mid-2022, supply of several other high-demand models such as the Carnival and Sorento had also improved, with Kia working to meet backorders.

Keeping all the above in mind, this article should be considered as a guide only.

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