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How long is the Mitsubishi delivery delay? – Dubai Car News

After a new Mitsubishi, but not sure how long you have to wait?

Semiconductor chip shortages, shipping problems and problems such as disease and isolation have affected manufacturing capacity. Mitsubishi To continue their production lines in the past three years.

Thus, all the models of the brand are currently facing some delay.

However, some models are in greater supply than others, with flexibility in powertrains, specifications and vehicle color that will likely see the car in your driveway sooner.

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Overall, according to The price of my carthe average waiting time for Mitsubishi is now 145 days – compared to 95 days in January 2022.

The fastest arrival is the Eclipse Cross small SUV with an average wait of 30 days, followed by the Pajero Sport large SUV at 79 days.

Meanwhile, the most affected models in Mitsubishi’s line-up are the Outlander medium SUV, Triton ute and ASX small SUV, with waits of 160 days, 145 days and 128 days respectively.

2022 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross exceeds 55


Mitsubishi Average Model Wait Times 2023

Model Wait for the time.
ASX 128 days
Cross Eclipse 30 days
Outlander 160 days
Pajero Sport 79 days
Triton 145 days

Note: This information is current as of January 20, 2023. This article will be reviewed and amended as new details emerge.

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A Mitsubishi Motors spokesperson said, “The stock situation is constantly evolving and the information we provide is general in nature and not specific to individual orders, depending on your chosen color or accessory options. Wait times may be longer or shorter than, for example,” a Mitsubishi Motors Australia spokesperson said. The wheels.

“We would encourage people to discuss their specific needs with their Mitsubishi dealer.”

The automaker has three players that regularly appear in the top 20: Triton, Outlander and ASX.

2022 Mitsubishi Outlander LS SUV Silver 2


According to the company’s local arm, supply has improved for the Outlander medium SUV, with unsold vehicles now available at dealerships. An updated MY23 version with better features, but a price hike of up to $1000, is imminent.

As for the Eclipse Cross, Pajero Sport and Triton, supply is currently tight and more unallocated stock is expected in the first quarter of the year.

The popular ASX is also running strong, with better supply likely over the next one to two months.

Keeping all the above in mind, this article should be considered as a guide only.

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