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How to keep your car windscreen clean when it rains – Dubai Car News

TThere’s a lot of good advice out there about driving in the rain, but it’s not much use if you can’t see where you’re going.

Here are some tips to make sure you can see clearly when the rain is coming.

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Windows love to fog up on cold, humid or rainy days and many people still drive and rub the windscreen with their arm not knowing that they can quickly get rid of the condensation with the touch of a button. .

The reason your windows fog up is because your warm breath reacts with the cold air outside the glass. Turning on your heater means breathing even harder, so your windscreen constantly fogs up.

When trying to remove your windscreen, turn on the air conditioner button – even on a cold day. Air conditioning pumps dry air, which removes water vapor from the air in the summer and cools things down. Use it with a heater and you get dry heat that removes water vapor from the air and quickly stops the reaction that causes fogging.

If you have to condense on a hot day, there’s no need to turn up the heat.


How to replace your windscreen wipers


Windscreen wipers don’t just deteriorate from use, but also from sunlight, road dirt and hot and cold weather conditions – so they need to be replaced every six months, 10,000km or when they’re out of the windscreen or judder and scratch. If they go out, they have to pay to replace them.

Windscreen wipers are reasonably easy to replace yourself. You can buy them at any auto accessories store, but remember that there are many different types depending on your car. If you are not sure, ask the staff for help.

You may be able to replace just the wiper blade or the wiper assembly, which consists of the blade and the frame that connects it to the car’s wiper arm. If you haven’t changed your wipers in a while, it’s probably best to replace the assembly.

Windscreen wash

Automatic wipers


Wiper fluid is important in places where it gets really cold because it not only acts as a cleaning agent but also prevents water from freezing. Of course, freezing isn’t a big problem in most parts of Australia, but water in washer reservoirs can breed harmful bacteria, such as Legionella, that can end up in your vents.

That aside, we have a mess of bugs and birds hitting our windscreen, so it’s a good idea to keep something in the water to help your wipers perform at their best.

Finally, wash your windscreen manually every time you get fuel so your wipers don’t have to work too hard flicking on them.

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