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Hyundai, Kia and Genesis will begin over-the-air updates across the lineup by 2025 – Dubai Car News

parent company for Hyundai, what And birth Its vehicle lineup has announced it will offer a new connected infotainment system by 2025 — even as affordable as Kia’s smaller Picanto.

At a global software event this week, Hyundai Motor Group unveiled the upcoming system, called Connected car operating system – or ccOS for short.

It will be able to receive over-the-air software updates, especially for electric cars, with improvements in vehicle performance and functionality.

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The first models to run the new infotainment suite will launch next year, with “parts of all the group’s vehicles sold worldwide” to support over-the-air updates until 2025.

This includes internal combustion vehicles. However, electric cars will benefit from better support including performance upgrades with modular electrical architecture.

Just like the upcoming operating systems from Toyota, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz – known as Arene, VW.OS and MB.OS respectively – Hyundai Motor Group has developed ccOS in-house with the help of technology giant Nvidia. .

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Nvidia will design and manufacture the graphics processing units (GPUs) for ccOS, dubbed Nvidia Drive.

The high-performance semiconductor chip — said to allow “computations at blazing speed” — will control various aspects of the vehicle, including infotainment, driver assistance systems, electrical architecture, and the integrated cockpit. Pit.

“From entry-level to premium vehicles, these fleets will offer a rich, software-defined AI user experience that can be continuously updated over the life of the car,” said Ali Khani, vice president of Nvidia’s automotive division. said

Similar to Tesla and BMW, Hyundai Motor Group will launch feature on-demand services in 2023.

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It will allow customers to purchase select vehicle functions on subscription after they are developed, potentially including heated seats or real-time satellite navigation.

“[The] The continuously upgradable software will provide diversified, stable revenue streams while offering fresh functionality and features to keep customers’ vehicles up-to-date, Hyundai Motor said in a statement.

In addition, the company says that developing and customizing software will bring higher resale value to its vehicles.

The shift to ‘software-defined vehicles’ will see Hyundai Motor Group invest 18 trillion won (AU$20 billion) in its R&D headquarters by 2030, including a new global software center.

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It expects 20 million vehicles to support connected services by 2025 – including vehicles currently running Hyundai Bluelink, Kia Connect and Genesis Connected Services.

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