Photo4 Hyundai Universe Mobile Office Launching

Hyundai showed off a bus-based solution for remote teams. – Dubai Car News


  • Universe Mobile Office is able to provide the needs of the worker while away from the office.
  • The bus will allow for individual and collaborative work flows.
  • The Office is available in three options, Hyundai said.

Hyundai believes it has a solution for teams that work remotely, unveiling Universe Mobile Office – though only for Korea at this stage.

Along with remote working, and the increasing need for flexibility, Hyundai developed Universe Mobile Office “by thinking of the bus not as a means of transportation, but as a smart mobility solution.” .

Figure 2 Launch of Hyundai Universe Mobile Office


Based on Hyundai’s existing Universe Coach, the bus will offer teams an environment that resembles a traditional office, with individual workspaces, front and back areas for more open and collaborative work. of the. The space at the front of the vehicle has video conferencing facilities, foldable conference table, sofa seating and more storage.

Solo work areas treat occupants to reclining seats, desks, charging pads and personal storage for the extras people use to personalize their space.

The Universe Mobile Office will be available in Korea only with a 10-seat, 13-seat front collaboration space, 13-seat office extension and finally 13-seat in other configurations.

Figure 3 Launch of Hyundai Universe Mobile Office


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