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Ikea for pre-owned cars? Sleepy Experience Zone – Dubai Car News

Most of you have heard of Spiny by now. They are a platform for buying and selling pre-owned cars.

One of our subscribers shared some footage and a photo of what appears to be a huge car park for Spiny. Here’s the full scoop on what Spinny can be.

Spy shot

The photo and video show a large spiny hoarding that can be seen coming from the Bengaluru airport. Now, looking at the image and video we can safely say that this is an experience hub that Spinny is coming up with. The land span may be 4-5 acres and should be able to accommodate 500-600 cars easily.

Ikea for pre owned cars Sleepy Experience Zone Dubai Car

What to expect?

If we’re right, it looks like a huge veteran park that could serve as a one-stop buy/sell/exchange destination for pre-owned cars. Consumers will have different options depending on the brand, car type, budget etc. Not only this, they can also experience the vehicle on the spot and go for a spin in the huge space that Spiny seems to have acquired.

A closer look at the spy shots reveals interesting artwork on the walls of the compound. It seems that Spinny is trying to bring an element of fun to its users.

Take ours

The pre-owned car market has seen rapid growth thanks to ridiculous waiting periods for new vehicles. In the current scenario, if you want to buy a pre-owned car, you can check the cars online by visiting various sites. You can also get a home test drive where the car will arrive at your doorstep and you can check out the car. You can also visit some of the dealer partners and check out the cars there. However, dealer partners don’t have many options, doorstep test drives will only let you test drive one car at a time and you can’t test cars you see online.

With something like an experience zone that Spinny is building, one can sample multiple cars on the same day and choose one that suits their needs and budget. If our eyes are not deceiving us, the park seems to have some fun experiences as well. This means, buying a car will not only be a chore but one can turn it into a fun-filled outing for the entire family.

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