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Influenced by Cullinan fashion: Ray-Belle and Fu-Shion – Dubai Car News

The House of Rolls-Royce unveils ‘Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion’, comprising two prêt-à-porter collections – the bold Re-Belle and the stunning Fu-Shion. These exquisite ‘objects of desire’ by the Rolls-Royce Bespoke Collective are inspired by the vibrant colors and textures seen in the world of high fashion, reflecting the eclectic tastes and lifestyles of luxury customers. As works of art in their own right, ‘Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion’ will be presented to the brand’s luxury connoisseurs and patrons at Art Basel in Miami this evening.

‘Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion’ brings to the fore the multiple characters of the luxury SUV and its black badge alter ego. “With Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion we draw inspiration from the world of our patrons – individuals with eclectic tastes who define trends and influence current movements in the fields of art, fashion and design. “, says Bespoke Color and Material Designer, Selina Mattang. , Rolls-Royce Motor Cars “They defy boundaries, challenge conventions and are bold in their expression of individuality. Reflecting their tastes, our ‘Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion’ models are statement pieces. Designed to perfectly suit the lifestyle of our clients.

To offer a glimpse of the limitless bespoke possibilities, the ‘Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion’ designers have created eight distinctive figures. Each collection includes two interior colorways defined by popular accent colors: Lime Green or Peony Pink for the ReBelle and Mandarin or Forge Yellow for the Fu Shion. Each interior style can be paired with one of two carefully selected exterior looks – either eye-catching or more discrete and understated.

‘Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion’ Re-Belle is the ultimate statement piece, reflecting contemporary color blocking trends with its vivid colors and playful combination of textures. A splash of color in the interior with peony pink or lime green accents provides an irresistible contrast to the arctic white or cashmere gray leather trim. The fascia is finished with an exceptionally detailed hand-woven stainless steel fabric, echoing the metallic dresses seen on the catwalk this year. The delicate thread with a diameter of 0.45 mm creates a complex structure, which beautifully captures the light as the vehicle moves. The ‘Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion’ Re-Belle is offered in Lime Green, Gunmetal, Wildberry or Arctic White exterior colours, depending on the interior selected.

Bringing out the bold personality of Black Badge, ‘Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion’ Fu-Shion interprets high fashion with a utilitarian edge. The reminiscent prêt à-porter collections for Spring/Summer 2023, adorned with functional elements that promote streetwear, reflect the personality of Fu Shion Cullinan – the pinnacle of luxury, effortlessly everywhere. . For the Fu-Shion, designers created two interior styles: an eye-catching combination of military green, navy blue and mandarin or a mix of Arctic White and Cashmere Gray leather with Forge Yellow accents. Depending on the interior palette, the ‘Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion’ Fu-Shion can be had in one of four exterior colours: Military Green, Burnout Grey, Forge Yellow or Tempest Grey.

For the ‘Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion’, the designers created an all-new Starlight Tailgate – a stunning feature that extends the Starlight Headliner’s magical, ethereal atmosphere beyond the motorcar’s interior. This bespoke feature, which took over 22 hours to create, features 192 softly lit stars in perforated leather. The starlit tailgate is complemented by a viewing suite, creating a perfect setting to enjoy the enchanting beauty of a starry night anywhere and everywhere. Another innovation will be found on the lower fascia, introducing colored piano veneer for the first time: cashmere gray for the Re-Belle and navy blue for the Fu-Shion. This glossy finish acts as a unifying element, bringing more depth to the interior.

To travel in ultimate style, the ‘Cullinan – Inspired by Fashion’ is available with matching luggage sets, designed to complement each of the four interior themes. The collection includes a 24-hour weekender, 48-hour weekender, holdall, tote bag and organizer pouch, offered individually or as a five-piece set.

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