Introducing Ultraviolet F77 starting at ₹380L Dubai Car News

Introducing Ultraviolet F77 starting at ₹3.80L. – Dubai Car News

The F77, India’s first high-performance electric motorcycle, was today commercially launched by UltraViolet, a pioneer in sustainable transportation, with an ex-showroom price of ₹3.8 lakh.

Power and range

The F77 was conceptualized, developed, and manufactured from the ground up in India and is offered to customers in three distinctive and attractive variants: Air Strike, Shadow and Laser. With the most advanced battery pack in the industry, it offers an IDC range of 307 km, the highest for any electric two-wheeler in India. It is powered by an integrated 10.3 kWh lithium-ion battery architecture on the top variant, the F77 Recon, which produces an astonishing 95 Nm of peak torque and 29 kW (38.9 HP) of peak power.

Introducing Ultraviolet F77 starting at ₹380L Dubai Car News

Extensive R&D and testing gave rise to the F77’s distinctive look and sensational performance, a credit to the expertise of the all-Indian team at the Ultraviolet R&D Center in Bangalore. The F77 surpasses expectations in every area, being the first Indian electric motorcycle to be built and approved for international markets, with performance, capacity, battery technology, and safety, ride quality, handling, design, And aesthetics included. Users can choose from three different riding modes: Glide, Combat, and Ballistic, which offer a highly refined, balanced, and thrilling ride, respectively. The F77 redefines the image of electric vehicles worldwide with performance and range that set industry standards in a design that is truly unique and inspired by aeronautical engineering.

F77 Limited Edition

Additionally, in honor of its future-focused vision, UltraViolet announced a limited edition series of the F77, of which only 77 will be produced. One-of-a-kind limited edition vehicles will come in Afterburner Yellow and Meteor Grey. With a top speed of 152 km/h and a peak power and torque rating of 30.2 kW (40.5 HP), 100 Nm respectively, it can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.8 seconds.

1669450554 767 Introducing Ultraviolet F77 starting at ₹380L Dubai Car News


The F77 is the first two-wheeler in India to feature battery and vehicle electronics inspired by avionics. It also has a number of smart technologies that use data from various sensors to deliver a hyper-connected ride experience. The most advanced ownership experience is created through features that include preventative maintenance, ride analytics, servicing, anti-theft, and real-time data interpretation via display and app. Customers will also have access to one of the most comprehensive warranty programs available with the longest warranty of 8 years and 1 million kilometers.

1669450554 906 Introducing Ultraviolet F77 starting at ₹380L Dubai Car News

Future plans

In the coming years, the F77 will be introduced in a few key regions as part of Ultraviolet’s active route to establish itself as a global electric mobility brand from India. The high demand for the F77 is reflected in the fact that 70,000 pre-registration interests have already been received from over 190 countries. The F77 rollout in India will begin in January 2023 from Bangalore, followed by a pan-India rollout by 2023 and a company-owned maintenance ecosystem, even if international expansion is envisioned. Bangalore will be the location of the first Ultraviolet Experience Centre. New, latest

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