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Jaguar Land Rover is facing a class action over allegedly faulty diesel particulate filters. – Dubai Car News


  • A number of the company’s diesel models are said to be affected.
  • Thousands of users can join.
  • The action follows a similar large-scale Toyota case.

A law firm is preparing a class action case against Jaguar Land Rover over what it claims are several of the carmaker’s vehicles fitted with faulty diesel particulate filters (DPFs).

Land Rover, Range Rover and Jaguar diesel car owners could receive tens of thousands in compensation if legal action is successful.

Jaguar and Land Rover supply several popular diesel vehicle models in Australia, including the Land Rover Discovery Sport, Discovery, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover and Jaguar E-Pace.

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The potential action, which is being investigated by Maurice Blackburn solicitors for new or second-hand vehicles acquired after January 1, 2011, is said to have faulty DPF systems in Jaguar and Land Rover diesel vehicles. is because it is ‘dangerous’. Blocking in regular driving conditions’.

The firm claims that this is a safety hazard for drivers, passengers and pedestrians as a clogged DPF ‘can cause the vehicle to suddenly lose power without warning, affecting the vehicle’s performance and on-road performance’. Safety can be severely compromised. .’

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It says a faulty DPF system also causes ongoing mechanical problems, and requires more frequent servicing and maintenance.

The purpose of the class action is to seek compensation on behalf of owners of affected vehicles who have suffered loss and damage as a result of Jaguar Land Rover’s alleged failure to comply with a warranty of acceptable quality under Australian consumer law, and the law firm said. says Engaged in ‘misleading and misleading conduct’.

Owners who have sold or written off their vehicles are also eligible to join a class action investigation.

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Maurice Blackburn principal Vava Mauli said the firm had received complaints from customers about alleged defects.

“Cars are a significant expense for many Australians and consumers have a right to expect that the vehicle they are buying is free from defects, safe, durable and suitable for everyday driving,” he said. is appropriate.”

“Instead, many Jaguar and Land Rover owners are frustrated by the need for frequent servicing and maintenance due to alleged defects in the DPF system. We will try to hold Jaguar Land Rover to account.”

Responding to the claims, Jaguar Land Rover Australia told us: “JLR has received and is considering the application and statement of claim filed in the Federal Court of Australia in relation to certain diesel engine vehicles supplied since 2015. Is.

“Our products are of the highest quality and meet all the regulations and standards of the markets in which they are purchased, and our top priority is always to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience with them. have fun

“We are reviewing the statement of claim and will defend in accordance with applicable court process.”

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The potential action follows a similar case involving faulty diesel particulate filters (DPFs) in the 2015-2020 Toyota Hilux, Prado and Fortuner models.

Toyota Australia is appealing a Federal Court ruling that it misled consumers about vehicles with faulty diesel particulate filters (DPF).

If Toyota loses, the battle could cost the manufacturer more than $2 billion to 250,000 owners.

In April this year, the Federal Court found that Toyota had misled consumers about a defect in the DPF in cars equipped with the 2.4-litre ‘2GD-FTV’ or 2.8-litre ‘1GD-FTV’ turbo diesel four-cylinder engines. Affects a total of 264,170 vehicles built between 1 October 2015 and 23 April 2020 across the HiLux, Fortuner and LandCruiser Prado model ranges.

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The class action is separate from another recent lawsuit against Toyota that claims the company was fitted with emission-defeating devices in 500,000 of its diesel-powered vehicles.

Maidens lawyers representing plaintiff Adam Rowe launched a class action in the Supreme Court of Victoria in October.

At this stage, Mr Rowe is the focus of the claim, but the firm is in contact with several other owners and is thought to involve more than 400,000 people.

Affected vehicles include many popular Toyota models that have used a variety of diesel engines since February 7, 2016. Brand new and used car owners may be affected if a vehicle is sold during this period.

The HiLux, Prado, Fortuner, Granvia, HiAce, LandCruiser and RAV4 variants are cited in the lawsuit.

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