Summernats 35 blown EH wagon survivor 6

Jake Willis’s 6/71-blown, Chev six-powered EH at Summernats 35 – Dubai Car News

“I towed it from a paddock at Canovendra about 10 years ago,” begins Jack Willis of this awesome EH Holden Wagon Cruiser. “And I’ve been at it ever since!”

The EH could be back on the road as a simple, clean street driver. Yes No

Street Machine Events Summernats 35 Blow EH Wagon Survivor 10


Jack cut most of the floor from the car and started sizing things up for a complete chassis with a loose desire to one day drive the car down the ‘strip’.

To that end, the car’s chassis and running gear, although not actually 10-second capable at the moment, have undergone major preparations for easy compliance. For example, the ‘cage is the correct material and construction to be tagged for 10s.

Street Machine Events Summer Nets 35 Blown EH Wagon Survivor 13


But the quarter-mile action probably won’t be happening anytime soon, considering Jack and wife Ali have three children under 10. And that’s not a problem at all because currently the EH is doing duty as a great street machine summer net cruiser!

The car wears a beautiful haze of patina, the result of sitting in the paddock since 1974 when it was just 10 years old. The car had even more character when Jack put it together. A botanical garden of mosses and lichens, including glass.

Street Machine Events Summer Nets 35 Blown EH Wagon Survivor 11


“I wanted to be able to see my good ends!” Jack laughs at his now clean pans. Jack is a boilermaker/fabricator by trade but this is his first foray with thin-walled tin.



Under – and through – the bonnet is a bit of a surprise package. It’s a long-deck Chevrolet six wearing a 6/71 blower and – for now – sucking methanol. Corn juice is a bit of a sucker for now with a blower and mechanical injection, and one that Jack won’t be repeating next year for Smyrnatus because the vegan tank drinks boost juice. Behind the current stock Chev six per lap is a TH400 auto and a narrow nine-inch.

Street Machine Events Summer Nets 35 Blown EH Wagon Survivor 2


“I did it all myself,” explains the justifiably proud Jack of EH Wagon which was mostly hammered together over the three months that resulted in Summernats 35. “There is nothing about this car that I have paid for anyone else.”

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