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JK Tire aims to be net zero emissions by 2050. – Dubai Car News

JK Tire Industries is on a mission to be the ‘Greenest Tire Manufacturer’. With a focus on achieving carbon neutrality by the year 2050, the company’s sustainability drive began years ago.

JK Tire aims to be net zero by 2050.

The company’s efforts to reduce energy consumption resulted in 9 GJ/ton of finished tires produced in 2022. It was the lowest in India and among the 3 lowest in the world. A low carbon strategy is the path that JK Tire follows and considers as the basis for its future growth.

Credit rating agency CareEdge recognizes JK Tire as ‘Best in Class’ and a leader in the tire industry. It believes in producing more with less as the basis of environmental responsibility and is working on reducing energy intensity.

The manufacturer has reduced overall greenhouse gas emissions by 57 percent over an eight-year period. Additionally, it is also extensively exploring new, greener, and thus sustainable materials and processes. JK Tire is driven by goals of zero landfill waste, single-use plastics, and zero emissions.

It has the lowest water consumption in the tire industry worldwide, using less than 2 KL/ton. With a target to meet 75% of its energy from renewable sources in the coming 5 years. The company is already meeting 53 percent of its energy needs from sustainable sources.

Official statement

JK Tire aims to be net zero emissions by 2050

Dr. Raghupati Singhania, Chairman & Managing Director – JK Tire & Industries Limited. He said, “The focus of the company is to work towards replacing energy requirements with renewable sources. In this direction, JK Tire is meeting its adequate amount of thermal energy through other sources instead of coal. All these The efforts have significantly curbed carbon emissions in its processes and enabled it to reduce emission intensity by about 57% over the last 8 years to meet its goal of being the greenest company.JK Tires now One of the world’s most energy efficient tire manufacturers.

The company is also working to align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. With considerable focus on the goals of human rights, anti-corruption, and upholding the interests of workers.

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