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Kawasaki India launches its engine oil. – Dubai Car News

Beloved Japanese motorcycle manufacturer Kawasaki has built some crazy bikes, which appeal to enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies, billionaires and psychopaths. For example, the H2, a bike that is already quite powerful, has a supercharger on it! However, let us cut to the chase and see exactly what Kawasaki has in store for us.

Kawasaki has launched a brand new ultra premium engine oil at a starting price of INR 1299/-. India Kawasaki Motors Private Limited (IKM) announced the launch of Kawasaki Genuine Ultra Premium 10W-40 Oil, a new flagship engine oil product for Kawasaki motorcycles, developed by Petronas Lubricants. The price of oil will be Rs 1299 per litre.

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Kawasaki Ultra-Premium Engine Oil 10W-40 is a premium oil developed by PETRONAS Lubricants for Kawasaki performance motorcycles in India. This high quality fully synthetic engine oil is specially formulated with dual ester technology for outstanding performance. Given that this product has been extensively validated in the field to meet the needs of Kawasaki motorcycles, customers expect extended engine life and performance, smooth startup, and superior ride quality with regular oil use. can do The product will be sold to consumers at authorized Kawasaki dealerships and will be wrapped in a premium package.

It is a race-spec four-stroke engine oil that has been thoroughly tested and developed in collaboration with Petronas and Kawasaki Technologies. Petronas is no ordinary company, and if you’re into racing, you know that name means something.

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But, in the real world, what does putting this oil on your sports bike do you? How would it make a visceral experience more visceral? Let me tell you how. It maximizes engine performance, produces good throttle response and gives you a positive feel when shifting gears, prevents clutch slippage, ensures smooth gear shifts and better ride quality, engine Extends life, maintains oil lubricity at optimum levels, and generally provides optimum lubrication.

Engine oil from Petronas and Kawasaki, this product is definitely one to look forward to. More power to you!

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