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Kia cars will cost up to ₹ 1 lakh. – Dubai Car News

Kia, the amazing Korean manufacturer that turned the Indian car market upside down when it entered India, has become more expensive than usual. It looks like the cars in the Kia stable will get a price hike or a price hike of Rs. 40,000-1 lakh, depending on the model. The price hike is applicable to all models except the Kia Carnival, which is priced from Rs. 30.99 lakhs onwards.

Kia cars will cost up to ₹ 1 lakh

Kia India has shared details of the latest price hike across its lineup including the Sonet-Seltos SUV duo. The price increase also applies to its CBU electric offering, the EV6. As announced earlier, the upward revision in prices has been initiated to meet rising commodity and transportation costs, in order to break even and make enough profit for the company to remain in the Indian market. can be forgiven Therefore, the rising cost of transport is the reason behind this increase. Now, that’s sad.

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New price increases

So, here are the rising prices, which you may have to keep in mind while buying your favorite Kia vehicle. Kia has increased the prices of the Sonet by up to Rs 40,000. The price of Carens has gone up to Rs 45,000. Seltos prices have been increased by up to Rs 50,000. The EV6 gets a maximum boost of Rs 1 lakh. . The prices of the turbo-petrol variant of the Sonet have been hiked by Rs 25,000 while the diesel trims of the sub-4m SUV have gone up by Rs 40,000. A select few variants with the 1.2-litre petrol engine get the smallest increase of Rs 20,000. The prices of the turbo-petrol variants of the Seltos have gone up by Rs 40,000, while the price of the other petrol option has gone up by just Rs 20,000. Kia has increased the prices of the diesel variant of the compact SUV by Rs 50,000. The price hike may not seem like much but you have to plan accordingly and take everything into consideration before buying your dream car. Transportation seems to be the cause.

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