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Leaked documents reveal 2023 BMW M3 CS output. – Dubai Car News


  • 2023 BMW M3 CS outputs leaked
  • More power, unique styling, and potential for some M4 CSL elements – but not lightweight.
  • Production is expected to begin in March. Full disclosure soon

coming up 2023 BMW M3 CS It will likely debut in the coming weeks, with leaked documents revealing its power outputs.

BMW Forum Beamer Post This confirms that the ‘G80’ M3 CS should be the most powerful production spec 3 Series ever with 405kW and 650Nm – matching the lightweight M4 CSL that was revealed earlier this year.

While torque remains unchanged, power is up 30kW over the current M3 competition, with all-wheel drive and an eight-speed torque converter automatic transmission expected to remain for the M3 CS.

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However, the M4 CSL is unlikely to offer the same weight savings as the coupe, with the last part of its name referring to ‘lightweight’, or Competition, sport, lightweight in full.

While the documents confirm that a right-hand drive variant has been produced, it is currently unknown if the latest M3 CS will make it to local shores.

The previous ‘F80’ BMW M3 CS offered in Australia, priced from $179,529 before on-road costs in 2018, is on sale only. That was a $33,000 increase over the regular M3.

BMW Australia only offers the M3 competitively, with the latest iteration priced from $169,500 plus on-road, suggesting a price tag of over $200,000 when the M3 CS arrives in Australia.

2023 Bmw M 3 Interior


A retrospective report by Beamer Post suggests that the M3 CS will feature unique front bucket seats, while the M4 CSL’s yellow-accented laser headlights – also likely to be seen on the M5 CS.

Other enhancements for the M4 CSL include more extensive use of carbon fiber, stiffer mounts, and increased chassis and body stiffness.

gave 2023 BMW M3 CS Production is tipped to start in March, with a limited run until February 2024, suggesting an unveiling is just around the corner.

Note: Regular M3 competition photo throughout.

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