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Letter 8 Torana Shirts Available Now! – Dubai Car News

Howard Bell’s LITRE8 Torana ranks alongside Rex Webster’s FJ, Craig Parker’s TUFXY, Howard Astill’s Rock Solid Falcon and Ron Barclay’s a Stevegreen HQ in the rarefied top tier of the most iconic street machines of all time.

There are a lot of great things about Howard’s story with the car, starting with the fact that he bought it new and not only still has it, but still gets out on the track and gives it plenty of curry.

Howard Bell Torana.


We have revised the Torana many times over the years, but it is time to immortalize it. Street Machine T-shirt

Our 40th anniversary artist Patrick Skinner of Ten Tenths Creative did the artwork, which we lovingly screen printed onto high-end AS Color shirts in Melbourne.

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