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Safety, Value and Features

Not so much

  • Prices jump on the equivalent petrol version
  • The boot loses some useful storage areas.
  • No spare tire.

2023 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Long Term Review

Jump ahead.

Ed Note: This is the second part of our extended review of the Mitsubishi Outlander. Read our in-depth Petrol Exceed review here.

The basics

Body 5 door, 7 seater SUV
power 185 kW
Torque 450Nm
Transfer Single speed reduction
Fuel consumption 1.5L/100km (claimed)
Drive All wheel drive
Price $68,490

Is there a powertrain that produces more furrows and curious expressions than a plug-in hybrid? I’ve owned this white Outlander PHEV for a few weeks now and the questions are coming thick and fast.

“How’s the range?” “Isn’t it heavy?” “What happens when your power goes out?” “How fast does a battery degrade?”

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These are just hot fodder, though. What most people really want to know comes later when they learn what this particular Outlander PHEV, the flagship Exceed Tourer, costs. $68,490 before on-road costs.

“Oh,” he says with a polite nod. “Wouldn’t you be better off with an SUV that’s fully electric?”

This is an interesting thought. You can get into the car of the year, the Kia EV6, for just $4000, and to Mitsubishi’s chagrin, plug-ins don’t even qualify for the growing number of EV incentives offered around the country.

So in a world where pure EV sales and infrastructure are growing rapidly, does the plug-in still offer a logical step up from the ICE? Or is it a compromised middle ground? I am hoping to respond at the end of this six month loan.

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More immediately, the attraction to our specific Outlander plugin is obvious. This is the second generation Outlander PHEV and Mitsubishi has made some major improvements. The battery is now 50% larger at 20kWh and the claimed EV range has increased to an impressive 84km.

I have yet to scientifically test how this translates into the real world, but early signs are positive, given that Around 21kWh/100km average. Most of the benefits of an EV on your daily commute without the worry of range? Welcome to PHEV ownership.

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Mitsubishi has also worked hard to ensure that this PHEV trumps the compromises of the model it replaces. The break-to rating, for example, is similar to that of a petrol-powered Outlander at 1600kg. And because the rear motor and control unit is now 50 percent smaller, the PHEV doesn’t cut into boot space.

Regardless of powertrain, every model in the Outlander range now has it. 485L luggage capacity. And don’t discount our particular tester’s $68,490 sticker price. You can step into the Outlander Aspire PHEV for $54,490.

That’s still $16,000 more than an equivalent gasoline-powered Outlander, however, so that long-term debt requires answering two questions: Is the PHEV powertrain worth the $16K price premium over the atmo 2.5-liter? ?

E Dewar 220920 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 9289


I’m enjoying the creature comforts of this flagship Xead Tourer. I’ve just spent six months in the petrol-powered Outlander XCD and all the foundations that made this car a reliable family SUV (much better exterior design, richly equipped cabin and crisp handling) are still there. They exist and are accounted for.

But for a $2500 premium, the Exceed Tourer adds a black roof, upscale leather upholstery and massaging seats for both front passengers.

E Dewar 220920 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 6766


The massage seats are a touch limp and don’t offer the same effect offered by other manufacturers, but the soft leather is something I appreciate every time I slide behind the wheel (even the leather on the steering wheel). is high quality) and I love how the black roof offsets the diamond white exterior paint.

I questioned the price of the Tourer trim during my time in the petrol-powered Exceed as the duo was 99 per cent of their spec but now I can see why anyone would spend the extra.

More importantly, the PHEV feels More luxurious and premium SUV-like to drive. Petrol-powered Outlanders use a Nissan-sourced 2.5-litre four-pot and while it’s a decent unit, it can make noise and feel difficult to breathe. Propulsion in a PHEV, by comparison, is silky smooth and easy.

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There’s an electric motor at each axle, and although the 2.0-litre petrol engine (this time Mitsubishi’s own unit) can drive the front axle directly in some situations, the system favors electricity to turn the wheels wherever possible. Is.

It’s also proving to be more economical, which is obviously a big part of the PHEV’s appeal. Whereas our petrol Outlander was drinking between 8-10L/100km, The PHEV is returning 6.7L/100km so far.which is pushing Mitsubishi’s claim.

And that’s without regularly plugging it in due to a busy schedule and limited access to plugs. Hopefully this number will drop once I get into a regular recharging rhythm.

E Dewar 220920 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 6741


So far so good, then, but I’ve already noted a few misses. The boot may be technically the same as other Outlanders, for example, but you lose the deep storage on either side of the floor that we previously used to store loose items like dog leads and nappies. There’s no spare tire, either, just a box of goop, and the AC and DC charging cables take up a surprising amount of boot space when packed away in their black carry cases.

Still, this new Outlander PHEV is an interesting thing. Not just for the complexity of its powertrain and how it drives its Excel, but for the broader questions it asks about the plug-in’s value and place in 2022. I feel like we are just beginning to scratch the surface…

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Safety, Value and Features

Things we like.

  • The powertrain is smooth, powerful and refined.
  • Increased efficiency on par with gasoline
  • The flagship trim adds desirable creature comforts.

Not so much

  • Prices jump on the equivalent petrol version
  • The boot loses some useful storage areas.
  • No spare tire.

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