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Mahindra CL is barred from using the “Yazdi” name. – Dubai Car News

Yazidi has been a household name in the Indian motorcycle industry for nearly five decades. Earlier this year, sibling brand Java—both of which fall under the classic legends umbrella—revived the Yazdi with modern technology.

Original trademark owner

The Karnataka High Court has determined that the “Yazdi” brand is now owned by the bankrupt Ideal Java India Pvt. Ltd. Co. In 1996, Ideal Jawa India Co. Pvt. Ltd. declared bankruptcy but retained ownership of the Yazidi trademark.

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At present, trademarks, all with Ideal Java India Pvt. Ltd.’s other assets come under the purview of the office of the liquidator. As a result, the liquidator’s office is the sole owner of the Yazidi name, which cannot be acquired by any other party unless Ideal Jawa India Co. Pvt. But not all debts due. Ltd. are satisfied.

As for the Ideal Java Employees Association, it contends that since their outstanding debts have not yet been paid, they should be paid from the proceeds of the sale of all the company’s assets.

Launch of Yazidi website

All the trademark registration certificates issued by the Registrar of Trademarks, Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad in favor of Boman Irani were declared invalid and void by the Karnataka High Court, which also directed the Trademark Registration Authority to issue such Transfer all registrations through Ideal Java. OL (Official Liquidator).

The Ideal Java Employees Association had filed a second petition seeking to block the registration of the trademark registrar so that they can be sold and collect debts owed to creditors, including employees who have been seeking their compensation for decades. waiting for

Launch of Yazidi website

Bowman Irani and Classic Legends have each been fined Rs. 10 lakh as a result, and they have been given 30 days to stop all business activities, including the use of the Yazidi brand name.

The corporation is awaiting legal advice on the order while it is on hold. The corporation plans to appeal the order soon in hopes of obtaining a favorable outcome. Production and sale of the motorcycle will continue in the interim, subject to any order issued by the Appellate Court.

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