Meta partners with FADA to launch Move with Meta

Meta partners with FADA to launch ‘Move with Meta’ – Dubai Car News

On January 11Th 2023, Meta revealed that it has strategically partnered with the Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations (FADA) to help thousands of auto dealers across the country reach online consumers.

At Auto Expo 2023, Meta announced the launch of “Move with Meta”, a skill building and enablement program in collaboration with FADA to upskill over 3,000 auto dealers across the country. will go to create a social presence and digitize the meta-platforms. Currently, 15,000 car dealers are representing FADA across the country.

Meta partners with FADA to launch Move with Meta

Auto dealers have found a strong need to find clients online as people rely more and more on digital touchpoints to make their vehicle purchasing decisions.

Through essential tools like Stories, Reels, Business Messaging, Facebook and WhatsApp groups and AR experiences, meta platforms help auto dealers establish a social presence.

Additionally, in collaboration with OEMs, Facebook and Instagram support auto dealers with a more efficient lead generation model through hyperlocal outreach and hyperlocal automated lead generating.

Saugato Bhowmik, Director – Auto, CPG, & D2C for Meta India said, “Our platforms and products are well positioned to enable fast and efficient digital customer acquisition and hyper-local customer engagement for dealers. In the last two years we have enabled over 2600 dealers to digitize their access and experiences through our unique solutions and tools. Further unlocking growth for auto dealers and consequently OEMs across India. We are delighted to join FADA in this journey to

Commenting on the partnership, FADA President Manish Raj Singhania said, “Meta has done a great job by helping dealers build a social presence and generate online leads with minimal investment. Digital access With the addition of , we aim to help India’s auto dealers connect with online consumers across geographies and demographics. With widespread adoption, it is one of the strongest platforms for auto dealers to generate online leads.”

The “Move with Meta” program will be delivered seamlessly across geographies with the help of FADA, improving the digital skills and capabilities of automobile dealers of all sizes.

The program will incorporate the expertise of international teams and provide dealers with immediate, low-cost access to the greatest global digital talent.

To expand the program’s reach, Meta will also use FADA’s scaled forums, such as its initiatives for dealers under 35 and its state-level dealership seminars known as Vyapar.

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