Online subscription model MOOV by Al Futtaim celebrates one year of disrupting mobility market and first ever hybrid and EV options 1

MOOV by Al Futaim is celebrating one year. – Dubai Car News

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 28 November 2022 – Promising mobility with a whole new level of flexibility, MOOV by Al-Futtaim has set a major precedent in the car subscription market and judging by its first year of business performance results, the company has clearly united UAE’s modern age of digital has come to grips with. – Savvy users. The country’s first subscription-based car rental company revealed a phenomenal 49% month-on-month average growth and 35% fleet growth in its recent anniversary celebrations.

The success of MOOV, a new-age car subscription service, is a clear indication of the growing consumer confidence as well as the growing trend of consumers in a fully online product that offers all the benefits of buying, owning or driving without the burden of ownership. want to Caring for a car.

Customers can subscribe to a vehicle of their choice for one month or a maximum of 18 months, with insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance included in the subscription fee. A completely transparent process, where customers pay exactly what is shown without any hidden surprises or extra costs, has led MOOV to build a relationship of true trust with its customers. Digital Disruptor was also the first car subscription service in the UAE to offer hybrid vehicles as part of the service.

Offering complete freedom, flexibility and peace of mind, MOOV was introduced in November 2021 and has since had over 4,000 customers across all seven emirates, with a 92% take-up rate on its hybrid models and 25 % has increased rapidly with increase. Never before has an automotive leasing company grown at this rate, clearly reinforcing how Al Futtaim Automotive’s digital transformation is paying off.

Al Futtaim celebrated MOOV’s successful one-year journey with an anniversary event on November 25 at Address Montgomery, Emirates Hills, featuring live performances, a wide variety of entertainment and an awards ceremony. Key users are sharing this unique journey.

Katib Belkhudja, Marketing Director of Al Futtaim Automotive said: “We wanted to do something unexpected on our first anniversary that would suit our relentless customer focus. Our subscribers come to us because they trust us.” We provide a flexible, easy-to-use mobility experience with no hidden charges. Rely on a fully digital product where the only human interaction is when the MOOV person comes to deliver the car to our customer’s doorstep. To celebrate and thank them for their unprecedented confidence in our first year of operations, we threw an unforgettable bash that reflected the physical and digital experiences of driving with MOOV: sharing, freedom, and Celebration. Subscribers celebrated with spectacular stage performances and a light and smoke show, shared delicious food and drinks, and enjoyed connecting and reflecting with each other in a free Relax Zone with bean bags and VR.”

In the year-long celebrations, a brand wall showcased MOOV’s exciting journey over the past year, which has seen a rise in the number of Emiratis subscribing for a month or two when additional family cars are needed. , as well as a growing number of female subscribers and subscribers between 25-34.

To add to the excitement, MOOV announced the introduction of polyester to the fleet. The Swedish high-performance electric vehicle that has taken the world by storm with its exciting technologies, curated materials and benchmark-setting performance.

MOOV’s one- and three-month subscriptions see the highest demand, with 25% of the customer base growing after experiencing MOOV’s flexibility for one month.

Further, the service has seen an increase in users changing their subscription terms by either extending the term. Reducing mileage or upgrading your vehicle to suit their needs. With MOOV, customers don’t need to commit to one vehicle and have the flexibility to switch between models to try out different options.

To learn more about MOOV by Al-Futtaim or to become a subscriber and enjoy a flexible, hassle-free car subscription with all the benefits, visit

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