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Musk says the first customer, Pepsi, will take delivery in December. – Dubai Car News

A new-generation truck could soon offer a taste of the new generation, with Elon Musk posting this week that the Tesla Semi’s first customer, Pepsi, will receive the first 100 trucks in December 2022.

Although not detailed above, Tesla’s page for the Semi claims a 500 mile (800 km) driving range based on a fully loaded truck – which measures 82,000lb gross vehicle weight, or about 37 tons. .

For reference, Australian transport regulations allow a maximum road weight limit of 42.5 tonnes – including the combined weight of truck, trailer, container and cargo.

There are more than a few unanswered questions regarding the Tesla Semi, though — most of them related to range and charging times. The trucking industry is known for its time pressures and strict regulations, so it remains to be seen how Tesla – and its customers – will address the question of delays caused by charging times.

Trucks traveling from Melbourne to Sydney will need at least one charging stop – although not necessarily a full recharge, the claimed 800km range comes close to the 880km travel distance at Hume.

Tesla claims the Semi will reach 70 percent of a full charge in about 30 minutes. Assuming a fully loaded range of 800km proves correct, drivers could do so with a 15-minute charging stop on the Melbourne-Sydney drive, which should fit in with mandatory rest stops.

Tesla Semi Questions


For long-haul drives, it has been suggested that a new paradigm would come into play, in which drivers would switch their trailers to a waiting freshly charged truck, leaving their previous truck for the next driver. will be charged.

Of course, the cost of maintaining hundreds or even thousands of additional trucks to accommodate this strategy would not be insignificant.

While not part of the Tesla Semi’s design, a battery swap would seem an obvious solution – or, in the case of the new Mercedes-Benz and Volvo joint venture CellCentric, a hydrogen-fueled approach makes more sense for the freight industry.

Learn more about the ideas and tech behind hydrogen FCEV trucks at the links below.

The story here

September 5: Tesla Semi gets design update for functionality

The long overdue Tesla semi truck It’s expected to launch later this year, and to keep interest alive, the company released images of a near-production design this week.

Revealed in 2017, the Tesla Semi was originally expected to hit the road in 2019.

Then, a late 2021 date was promised, and now, Tesla boss Elon Musk says we can expect to see semi-full freight in 2022. A driving range of 805 km is targeted.

It’s not uncommon for Tesla to overpromise launch dates, however, with its Cybertruck pickup and new Roadster both far ahead of their originally announced launch dates.

As for the Sammy, these new images show a tall glass area with new rear quarter windows reaching the back of the cab.

New larger mirrors can also be seen – possibly the result of compliance – and a traditional door handle replaces the familiar pop-out style used in other Tesla models.

Tesla Semi Design Update Old V New


Perhaps the most obvious exterior changes are the wheels, whose front edges have lost their black aerodynamic design and the twin axles are now exposed at the rear as well. Again, both are likely to meet regulations and safety standards.

The interior remains largely unchanged, with massive twin displays still flanking the steering wheel. A new set of controls can now be on the left, however, where a simple glossy panel was previously set.

That’s all Tesla is offering for now, so watch for more details coming later this year. If, indeed, the new schedule sticks.

Tesla Semi Original Interior Old V New


November 2021: The Tesla Semi is slated to launch in late 2021.

According to PepsiCo’s CEO, the Tesla Semi Prime Mover could begin its first customer deliveries before the end of 2021.

Giving an interview to an American news broadcaster. CNBC On Monday, PepsiCo boss Ramon LaGuarta said the food company expects to begin taking delivery of its first battery-powered Tesla trucks.

The food and beverage giant recalled 100 Tesla Semis in 2017 as a way to reduce the company’s emissions. Other corporations, such as Walmart, also have orders with the electric vehicle company.

Despite the news, Tesla stock fell CEO Elon Musk could sell about 17 million shares of the company.

After being widely criticized for his views on US tax law, Musk took to Twitter to ask if he should sell 10 percent of his personal stake in Tesla.

Archive Wheels 2017 07 10 Miscellaneous Elon Musk watches the computer intently


“I only own stocks, so the only way for me personally to pay taxes is to sell stocks,” Musk wrote.

Tesla’s boss doesn’t take a salary from the company, but is issued stock in installments when sales targets are met.

More than 3.5 million participants in the poll voted ‘yes’ by 57.9%. Musk said he would respect the results of the poll “no matter which way it goes”.

Its sales before taxes are expected to be US$20.8 billion (AU$28 billion).

Even after the company’s share price fell, Tesla’s market capitalization is estimated at US$1.17 trillion (AU$1.58tn), which hit the trillion dollar mark on October 26 – up 16.8% in a fortnight. .

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