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NFS Unbound revealed as new Need For Speed ​​game, pre-orders open – Dubai Car News

Electronic Arts has announced the next chapter in their iconic. need for Speed Series, Title NFS inbound.

The title cased marketing gif reads: “Graffiti comes to life as players dial up the danger in each race, outrun the police and break convention to reveal their unique signature style in single and multiplayer experiences”.

The new game promises “the most realistic-looking cars in franchise history,” along with the usual bright and lively street scenes loaded with high-energy music and street art vibes.

Need Speed ​​Inbound Nfs Inbound Gallery Screen Grabs 12


Click the image above to view our full NFS Inbound gallery.

Unbound Follows the routine NFS Formula, along with a campaign mode that sees players starting with a lowly garage, take on the challenge of working their way through the world of street racing.

However, the new game takes on an almost GTA-like story aspect, starting with a robbery at a family-owned workshop and a stolen “priceless” car.

EA promises “real results with effective risk and reward for every race, decision and side bet”.

NFS inbound Available for pre-order until November 29, priced at $89 in Australia.

The retail launch date is set for December 2nd, but gamers who choose to pre-order will receive an “exclusive pack of inbound content, including a driving effects pack, decals, license plate, banner artwork, stickers, And their wallets include $150,000 in the bank. When they first join multiplayer and more.”

NFS Unbound is the first game in the series to be developed for 4K 60FPS, and will be available on PlayStation 5, XBox Series X and Series S, and PC. Not surprisingly, Nintendo Switch owners are missing out due to the popular console’s less capable hardware.

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