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Nissan celebrates 20 years of X-TRAIL in the Middle East. – Dubai Car News

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (December 19, 2022) – Following the global launch of the all-new, fourth-generation Nissan X-TRAIL and in anticipation of its debut in the Middle East early next year, Nissan is building on the benchmark-setting SUV’s decades-long journey and reputation. Looks. The perfect companion for all adventures. Conceived as a compact SUV for a versatile lifestyle, X-TRAIL’s popularity is based on performance-oriented styling, class-leading technology, and everyday utility, complimented with an engaging all-terrain driving experience. has gone

The compact SUV’s unique identity combines two elements, “X” and “Trail”, the former denoting the active lifestyle of its customers and the latter meaning track or off-road. By combining these two components, Nissan made a bold statement and cemented the X-TRAIL’s reputation, since it was introduced to the brand’s lineup in 2001, as one of the industry’s largest SUVs. As the best-selling model, the focus was on Delivering functionality, comfort, technology and safety.

Thierry Sabbagh, President, Nissan Saudi Arabia, INFINITI Middle East and Managing Director, Nissan Middle East, He said: “The Nissan X-Trail is a flagship model in our SUV line-up, offering superior quality and reliability with desirable comfort and flexibility. Competing in a highly popular automotive segment, this modern upgrade, high value , and meets the diverse needs of a growing population with class-leading performance. The all-new fourth-generation X-TRAIL, which will be launched in the region early next year, builds on three generations of success and the entire will continue to provide exciting and exciting driving experiences for families and adventurers in the Middle East.”

Spanning four generations and over twenty years, the Nissan X-TRAIL’s legacy has been built on a series of global milestones:

1 2001: First electronic four-wheel drive system in a compact SUV

Introduced in 2001, the Nissan X-TRAIL brought a true, compact 4×4 SUV to the market. The design of this groundbreaking model was a fine balance between road and trail, communicating sophistication with power.

What truly set the X-TRAIL apart, however, was its All Mode 4×4 system, designed for a safe and comfortable driving experience on all terrains. This innovative technology was the first electronic four-wheel drive system in a compact 4X4 and was based on the same system principles used in the Nissan Skyline GT-R.

2 2007: The world’s most advanced 4×4 technology

Launched in 2007, the second-generation X-TRAIL added a new dimension to the small utility segment and was designed to change the way young consumers viewed compact SUVs. Building on the strengths of its predecessor, this all-new model is recognized as possessing the world’s most advanced 4×4 technology.

Combining authentic 4×4 styling with true outdoor functionality, the second-generation X-TRAIL served as the ultimate compact SUV for those who lead an active and adventurous lifestyle. It combines exceptional handling, enviable off-road capability, and an interior space that combines innovation and versatility.

3 2014: The world’s best-selling SUV

Making its global debut in 2014, the third-generation Nissan X-TRAIL retains the outgoing model’s go-anywhere capability but adds a host of features to define what consumers expect from a compact SUV. can. In true Nissan fashion, the third-generation X-TRAIL introduces premium technology to a new market segment with a number of first-in-segment safety and technology features under the Nissan Intelligent Mobility and NissanConnect navigation systems.

Designed for families, the third-generation model was also the first Nissan X-TRAIL to offer a 7-seat option and featured a new crossover design. A true sales success, this generation saw the X-TRAIL become the world’s best-selling SUV in its segment with more than three million units sold worldwide.

4 2022: All-New Nissan X-Trail

The all-new fourth-generation Nissan X-TRAIL, which was launched globally last year and is set to make its debut in the Middle East early next year, has started gaining traction in the region. . Representing the most comprehensive model redesign in Nissan’s history, the all-new X-TRAIL is one of the brand’s most technologically advanced SUVs to date and its high-end, premium styling Reflects the true spirit – versatile and adventurous, without being classy. Compromise on comfort.

The latest X-TRAIL adds to Nissan’s strong SUV offering in the Middle East – which has seen an overall improvement in line with the Nissan Next transformation plan announced in 2020. , Patrol, Patrol NISMO and Patrol Super Safari – aimed at meeting the needs and expectations of different customer groups. Complemented by a strong dealer network and a tailored, omni-channel customer journey, Nissan is committed to ensuring a complete automotive experience for its customers in the region.

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