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Nissan Patrol Warrior: V8 SUV Finally Confirmed! – Dubai Car News


Nissan Patrol Warrior Confirmed: An Off-Roader With Side-Exit Exhaust? Nissan MD says:

“I have no doubt it will be a huge success.”


  • V8 Petrol Warrior Confirmed!
  • Tough off-roader to rival the 300 GR Sport
  • Australia developed and changed.

More details of Nissan Patrol Fighter After years this has been confirmed. Speculation and teasing.

The Petrol Warrior will take around 12 months to go on sale, rather late in the petrol off-roader’s life cycle. When it hits the road, expect a competitor for it. Toyota Land Cruiser 300 Series GR Sport.

Premcar’s warrior treatment The petrol will be matched, but we can expect extra ground clearance via a suspension lift, added underbody protection and the same all-terrain Cooper AT3s fitted to the Navaras. Black badging and a sticker kit will likely end the treatment.

The best bit? It looks like the Petrol Warrior will have a two-way exit. For us to hear the full glory of this 5.6-litre direct injection petrol V8.

Despite the exhaust mods, it sounds like – just like the Navara – The Patrol’s 298kW/560Nm won’t be untouched. In the name of credibility

The Petrol Warrior will be the third Warrior product with the original. Navara Pro-4X Warrior And recently introduced Navara SL Warrior.

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Why a Patrol Warrior now?

gave The Y62 petrol will enter its 10th year on sale in Australia next year.but it’s showing no signs of slowing in numbers with a new sales record in March 2022.

Wherever Nissan and Premcar’s Navara Warrior project has proven successful, almost every vehicle has found a home by being converted to Warrior spec.

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Nissan Australia’s managing director, Adam Peterson, may be Canadian, but he’s learning to love the premium car’s uniquely Australian off-road modifications, saying: “I have no doubt that it will be a huge success..

“The Warrior program, our collaboration with Premcar, has already proved hugely popular in Australia, and a new version of the already highly capable Nissan Petrol is a vehicle that, like many Australians, will drive. Can’t wait.

“Our collaboration with Premcar is about developing vehicles that are perfectly suited to Australian consumers and conditions.”

The images in this article show that the development of the Patrol Warrior is already at a fairly advanced stage. Stay tuned for more updates.

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