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Ola Move OS 3.0 update will be rolled out soon. – Dubai Car News

Ola Electric is planning to roll out the Move OS 3.0 update to all its S1 and S1 Pro users this Diwali. With this update, many additional features are expected over the existing Move OS 2.0 that is powering all existing Ola scooters. The Bengaluru-based EV manufacturer is all set to update scooters through over-the-air (OTA) updates and no customer needs to visit any service center.

The OTA installation process is likely to be done in a step-by-step manner and scooters running the 3.0 OS have features like proximity unlock, calling function, hill hold, regenerative braking version 2, called key sharing and hypercharging. More interesting features like voice control and ‘mode’. While these features may be fun and attractive to many, don’t expect them to make their way into the new Ola scooter which is priced even more aggressively and undercuts the S1 Pro. As of now. Ola S1 and S1 Pro are available for Rs. 99,999 and Rs.1,39,999 with a discount of Rs.10,000 on the Pro model. Let’s take a look at some of the key features that will be added:

The addition of hypercharging will mean that the e-scooter can accept charging at higher voltage cutting charging times. Key sharing will be an option to get temporary access to the scooter through their phone while proximity unlock will be similar to the car where the vehicle will unlock when it detects that the key or for that matter the phone is nearby. . Hillhold is a riding aid where the e-scooter will avoid rolling back and hold itself in place when it detects a slope or incline. One of the features that looks high-tech is regenerative braking version 2 which can have different region modes. Even better, you can now talk to your S1 Pro with a Bluetooth paired device to navigate, make calls and play your favorite music thanks to its voice assistant.

Another interesting feature that the CEO teased in a tweet is the mode. The electric scooter will have a number of choices of themes for its user interface and instrument cluster with an ICE mode teased showing the old analog dials on the screen and the onboard speakers producing a thumping exhaust note. That Bhavesh Agarwal himself had pulled the throttle. Artificial climbing revs. All things considered, we now have to wait and see how Ola pulls off the update this time around as we’ve seen many of the promised features of the current Move OS 2.0 get delayed quite a bit. What further disappointed the buyers were the various incidents regarding the safety of the 2-wheelers.

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