Z.Mode Jimny ute

Once the turbocharged Suzuki Jimny pickup made its global debut. – Dubai Car News


  • Now produces 125kW and 270Nm.
  • Better approach and departure angles
  • Exclusive Edition Only – You Can’t Buy It!

Italian company Z.Mode Suzuki has turned the pint-sized Jimny off-roader into a turbocharged pickup ute.

Published on The company’s Instagram page, Dubbed the Gemini Pickup Pocket Rocket. “The Golden Queen”And there is a special edition showcasing the capabilities of the Z.Mode crew.

The Jimny is only sold in two-seater guise in Europe due to stricter emissions regulations, so converting the car from a small SUV to a ute meant scraping the roof off the B-pillar without clearing the second row. . of seats

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An internal structural roll bar was then installed behind the front pews, and attached to the rear bulkhead, floor and ladder frame chassis. The material used for the tray bed consists of shock proof and UV resistant ABS/ASA plastic compound.

Space in the rear tray may look a little tight, but the design means the Z.Mode team eliminated any rear overhang, and in doing so improved the car’s on- and off-road characteristics.

Approach, breakover and departure angles are improved over stock – 51°/38°/60° versus 37°/28°/49°, and the vehicle comes with different guards and heavy-duty shafts. A detachable anti-roll bar can be fitted for rock crawling duties.

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By adding a turbo kit – which includes a Garrett T25 turbine, manifolds, injectors and an intercooler – the Jimny pickup now makes 125kW and 270Nm, up from the 75kW and 130Nm it makes in turboless form. It is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox and drives all four wheels.

Golden features are scattered throughout the architectural link with its “Golden Queen” name, including; A scratch-resistant “Golden Black” wrap, gold alloy wheels and gold exterior stripes. Inside, golden seams are stitched into the dark leather and Alcantara upholstery, and the “Golden Queen” logo is embroidered on the seat headrests.

4 X 4 Australia News 2022 Z Mode Golden Queen Suzuki Jimny 3


Z.Mode said on its Instagram page that Jimny was created in memory of its founder, Giuseppe Quintavalli, who recently passed away at the age of 75.

While it may be a one-off special, Z.Mode offers a number of conversion options for the Suzuki Jimny, including Next pickup change.

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