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OnStar provided real crash scenes to inspire 6 UAE artists. – Dubai Car News

  • The six locally-based works of art aim to challenge the stigma surrounding road traffic accidents, by creating a real-world portrayal of a sensitive topic.
  • OnStar provides real-life emergency calls and moving accident scenes to inspire operations.
  • Visualized at Infinity des Lumières, the works mesmerized the audience through a multi-sensory visual deep dive into the artist’s search for a place of street safety.
  • Further supporting the community is OnStar’s partnership with The Lighthouse Arabia, which provides accident victims and their loved ones with access to a webinar series as well as individual trauma counseling with a trained specialist as needed.

Dubai United Arab Emirates – Six regional artists have set out to reframe the discourse on road traffic accidents, depicting the raw emotions of accident victims in their latest works. Drawing inspiration directly from the source, OnStar, General Motors’ leading in-vehicle safety and security technology, offered talent access to powerful accident visuals and unedited emergency calls, reflecting thought-provoking pieces. Is.

The highly individualistic artworks, spanning traditional painted, sequential, abstract and digitally designed styles, transcend the norm in the road safety space, making viewers sit up, take notice and ultimately provoke conversation on this important topic. invite to The artists – Hamad Al Hamidan, Crystal Bechara, Galina Gorlova, Simon Kazanjian, Samia Al Suwaidi and Asma Al Ramithi – were taken on an emotional journey through sound and visual cues, allowing them to reflect on their reactions. From inciting shock and panic to unhindered emotion, the exploration of the subject saw artists move past the usual anxiety surrounding the subject, instead creating understanding and empathy for those affected.

Following Multisensory Inspiration, artists were generally keen to disrupt the stifled context in which accidents were discussed, rather than creating awareness of both the event itself and its immediate aftermath. . By tapping into the emotional undercurrent of their subject, the works aim to invite the viewer to discover a new perspective on the subject. The works on display at Infinity des Lumières captivated the audience, as they became interested in the artist’s exploration of the space of road safety.

Hamad Al Hamidan, one of the artists involved, said, “Road safety is a serious topic. I know art is strong and loud, so hopefully one of my paintings can raise awareness and stop reckless driving.” Can bring results.

The initiative stems from OnStar’s mission to provide unplanned, life-saving in-vehicle assistance through technology that instantly connects drivers to the right people and resources to secure assistance. With safety at the forefront, the built-in service seeks to start conversations around road safety, inviting viewers to reflect on their road behaviors and experiences, before incidents occur.

Shirin Harris, Head of Marketing and Subscriptions – OnStar Middle East, at General Motorscommented, “A crash is not something that people relate to, unless one has experienced it themselves, and that is why people shy away from this aspect of road safety. Through our research, We’ve also found that people tend to avoid discussing negative situations and content, but it’s a conversation we need to have. We wanted to go a step further and explore the emotional, physical and psychological impact of an accident in these people. wanted to raise awareness of the consequences to those who may never have experienced it. The artists initiated a transformative experience through their accounts of accident victims through a multisensory lens, and we hope that they Through works, conversations can emerge in a stress-free environment and live in the minds of our audience.”

Capturing this succinctly through their works, the artist and OnStar seek to humanize the role of road safety technology and the need to offer guidance, reassurance and confidence to drivers in the face of unplanned situations. .

To further build on the positive momentum of the launch, OnStar has further collaborated with The LightHouse Arabia to offer a tailored program for accident victims and their loved ones in the community. Support is available when facing emotionally overwhelming road experiences, including specialized webinars and individual trauma briefings with experts. Running since November, the program is open to anyone to register for webinars, while one-on-one sessions will be offered on a select basis.

Dr. Saleha Afridi, Managing Director of Lighthouse Arabia shared, “We are thrilled to begin this partnership with OnStar, given our mutual vision of providing support to those in need and improving mental health opportunities wherever possible.”

Aisling Prendergast, trauma specialist and project lead Lighthouse Arabia Commented further,We want to help people who have experienced trauma understand its lasting effects, as well as the best ways to cope. Together over the next three months, we look forward to serving the community and making a positive difference in the lives of everyone we work with, whether they are accident victims themselves or their loved ones.”

For more information about OnStar, please visit to sign up for The Lighthouse Arabia’s webinar series, please visit

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