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Orders are pending on the $728K V12 SUV. – Dubai Car News

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  • Orders on the first four-door Ferrari were put on hold.
  • The V12 SUV costs $728K + ORCs.
  • Executives say the 12-cylinder was the right call.

Italian sports car maker Ferrari had to put orders for its $728,000 Purosangue on hold. — that it’s not calling for an SUV out loud.

“This is the first time in Ferrari’s history that an unrestricted car has stopped taking orders before deliveries have even started,” said Enrico Galera, chief marketing and commercial officer at Ferrari NV. The wheels.

For those wondering, Purosangue’s Australian release, and therefore first customer delivery, is expected in the fourth quarter of 2023.

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It may be the case that Ferrari only has the capacity to produce enough Porsches for 20 percent of total sales, but the president of Ferrari Far and Middle East, Dieter Knechtelis adamant that the V12 four-seater will not undermine the brand’s athletic image.

“Purosangue is not going to be a volume model… We don’t want to do as others have done, where other sports car brands will then find themselves with a high percentage of intra-brand competition with SUV sales and sports car models. .

“We don’t want to sell more than 20 percent every year, we want to keep it reasonable and make sure we have an even distribution across the volume. [Ferrari] limit.”

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Purosangue’s Australian reveal came at the Universo Ferrari exhibition, with the first Australian spotting of the stunning Daytona SP3.

During the unveiling of the four-door, Ferrari executives discussed the type of customer Porusangio brought in.

There were new names, but it’s likely to be existing customers looking to add the brand’s first four-door production vehicle to the stable, leaving them to rely on a Lamborghini Urus, Bentley Bentayga or Aston Martin DBX for the weekly shop. not required. .

Naturally, Ferrari is giving existing owners first priority, with new customers offered when production opens.

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Why not a hybrid?

Under Purosangue’s tall, luxurious bonnet is one. 6.5 liter petrol V12 Derived from the 812 Competizione’s engine, but with a focus on more mid-range punch rather than outright power.

Result? A modest one 533kW of power and 716Nm of torque at 7750rpm Sent to all four wheels (below 200 km/h) via a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic.

But as the world pushes for more electrification, surely Purosango was the perfect test bed for electricity? With the Purosangue’s high ride height and 3018mm wheelbase, packaging batteries will be easier than in the 296 GTB or SF90 PHEVs.

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However, with turbochargers, inverters and batteries, there’s a risk the Porusangio will be seen as just another cookie-cutter luxury SUV, and that’s not what Ferrari is about, he says.

“The concept of Purosangue was really to come up with a product that would be a game changer in the long run, because we have a versatile, large car that serves or fulfills different purposes for new clients and existing clients.” , Knechtel explained.

That seems to have worked too given the power of the order bank. Addressing. The wheelsGalera cites two reasons why Ferrari ultimately chose the V12.

“Number one because we thought it was perfect for the positioning of the car. And second, because we thought that for our clients, that V12 power was perfect. That was a bet, because the world was moving.

“And the market is telling us that we were right, more than we expected,” Galera concluded.

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