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Our modified Mazda MX-5 went eight! – Dubai Car News

TThere’s no better feeling than a bunch of hard work, time and money finally coming together on a project car, and in this episode MassacreThe exact same moment happens for Scotty as our Barra-powered Mazda MX-5 finally makes eight runs!

Street Machine TV Carnage MX 5 Barra Nitrous 28


Regular viewers will already know that Mazda has come a long way to get us into this club. Not only does it have a fresh bar with forged rods and pistons, but we had to upgrade the turbo to a Pulsar G42, swap in a Haltech Elite 2500 ECU, and add a 100 shot of nitrous to support the bigger turbo. was Barra combo blood boost on line.

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In this episode, Scotty returns to Heathcote Park Raceway for a twilight test and tune, where Mazda forces him to work until the end to get that coveted eight.

Street Machine TV Carnage Barra Mazda MX 5 Eights 14 Runs


The first race was unpleasant after the hot surface caused the Mazda’s wheels to spin down most of the track. Scotty then wisely chose to wait until dark when the temperature dropped, and the HPR officials prepared the track double to give everyone there the best chance of a PB.

Street Machine TV Carnage Barra Mazda MX 5 Runs Eights 1


At first, the waiting game to no avail, Carr gives us the blue balls with a pair of 9.1 passes. He also decided to throw us one last curveball with a dodgy transbrake circuit, but Scotty refused to give up.

Street Machine TV Carnage Barra Mazda MX 5 Eights 21 Runs


At literally midnight, Mazda lined up for its final pass, and it was basically eight or bust. Eventually the racing gods shined on Scotty, though, with the Mazda reaching a new PB of 8.87@159mph and hauling in training – well and truly in the eight-second club!

Street Machine TV Carnage Barra Mazda MX 5 runs eight 27


It’s a great way to end a big year of racing and mods for Mazda. We have to give another big shout out to Max Performance for the fab and tuning work, Bill Houghton at Houghton’s Harness for setting up Haltec, Dandy Engine for building a strong bar, VPW for providing a bunch of parts. Australia, and Adam and his team at MPW Performance to help Scotty out on the track at night.

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