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Own a Hyundai car? Become a Blue Link Champion. – Dubai Car News

If you have a Bluelink enabled Hyundai car, you can now take part in the Hyundai Bluelink Championship 3.0.

What is the Blue Link Championship?

The Hyundai BlueLink Championship is a competition for consumers to compete against other fellow Hyundai car owners based on their driving behaviour. Parameters like smooth driving, sudden braking, and more are evaluated to award points to the user. The result of these parameters will lead an individual to get a score of 0-100. Customers with the highest scores are named Hyundai Bluelink Champions. They also win attractive prizes.

The third edition of the Blue Link Championship will start today from November 25 and users can register for it from today i.e. November 11. The third edition of this championship will be integrated with Hyundai’s newly launched “Bluelink In App Payment Digital Services”. Also offers seamless and contactless payment options for services like fuel and parking.

Hyundai Venue BlueLink LBS

Official statement

Commenting on the BlueLink Championship 3.0, Mr. Brijesh Gobi Suresh, Group Head – New Business Strategy, HMILL said, “The previous editions of the BlueLink Championship have been highly appreciated by our customers, allowing them to improve their driving skills. can demonstrate their skills, compete with fellow drivers. Model driving behavior and win attractive prizes. The championship aims to inculcate safe driving habits and prevent irresponsible driving behaviour. is a step towards reducing the rate of road accidents and deaths from . With the third edition of this championship, Hyundai intends to go ‘beyond mobility’ by creating awareness about the importance of practicing safe driving behaviour. which not only improves the safety of the driver, improves the fuel efficiency of the car but also contributes to a cleaner environment.

Hyundai Venue BlueLink is connected.

The Blue Link Championship is a unique and fun way to improve driving behavior by Hyundai India. This will not only maintain brand engagement with consumers but also promote safe driving practices among the participating people.

It would be nice to see such competitions on a larger scale and OEMs collaborating to hold them on a common platform. These exercises can quickly become a habit that will in turn help us to have better drivers on our roads.

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