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Peter Sauer’s 565 Cube 1970 HG Brougham – Dubai Car News

Questionueensland fela Peter Sauer has an enviable array of toys. One of those wild, blown-and-injected, Warwick YellowHK Monaro Power Cruise events is famous for smoking, along with a nitrous-huffing Mercury Comet that’s known in Canada for its sky-high wheels and five seconds. People’s favorite because of the eighth number. Mail ETs.

First published in the October 2022 issue. Street Machine

Street Machine Features Peter Sauer HG Brougham Rear Angle Wm


However, if you can believe it, Peter’s latest build is cool again: this here HG Brougham, which hides a mental, 565ci Dart-blocked rat motor under its factory bonnet, which The 88mm garret is force-fed through a matched pair of screws. It’s yet to see a dyno, but Pete is quietly confident the HG will deal 2500hp on the hubs, and take down the quarter in seven odd seconds.

If that’s not impressive enough, take the time to study how well packaged and beautifully detailed it is. Hiding a 2500hp fattie under the bonnet is a task in itself, but doing it in such a practical, aesthetically pleasing way is the brainchild of Justin Simpson of Horsepower Solutions, who was the driving force behind the project.

Street Machine Features Peter Sauer Hg Brougham Side Wm


What has us particularly excited, however, is that despite the car’s show-quality finish at Meguiar’s MotorEx earlier this year that wowed the crowd, this first and foremost work. was made for Street Machine Drag Challenge.

“Yeah, that’s what we built it for,” Peter confirmed. “I’ve done a drag challenge weekend in my HT Monaro and my VK. It was great, but I want to compete in that car and take it to Melbourne for the five-day event. As far as driving it, Intended to run it, it had to be quite subtle, and that’s why it looks like this.

Street Machine Features Peter Sauer HG Brougham Front Angle 2 Wm


Peter has long been a fan of Broughams and owns two HKs – a stocker and a 500hp straighter – but he longed to build a proper rig. This HG popped up for sale as a primer roller, so he jumped on it and got in.

A 502ci big block with small turbos was installed first, Peter had all the piping, intercooler, manifolds, transmission, diff and wheels sorted. But it soon became apparent that he needed to step things up a notch.

Street machine features Peter Sauer HG Brougham rear wheel


“Street cars are getting faster and faster, so I knew we needed to get bigger to stay competitive,” he says. “So we made the call to ditch that stuff and go to a 565ci engine and bigger 88mm turbos.”

Justin at Horsepower Solutions screwed the motor together, starting with a dart block, to which he added a Callies Magnum crank, Oliver rods and custom JE slugs. The heads are Brodix BB3 items, and the supertruck, low-profile inlet manifold and throttle body were produced locally by Bullet Inc.

Street Machine features Peter Sauer HG Brougham Roof.


The turbos are Garrett 88s, and the turbo system and custom water-to-air heat exchanger were fabricated by Dan Swaney at Promods Fabrication, who also took care of the tubs, transmission mount, and roll cage.

Justin emptied the Haltec catalog into the car, including an Elite 2500T ECU, iC-7 dash, a multitude of sensors and Haltec coils for the spark. Twin Aeromotive external pumps bring fuel from the factory tank and deliver it to the engine. It’s set up to run on pump fuel or any type of race gas, depending on the application, which is a handy item for a drag challenge.

Street Machine Features Peter Sauer Hg Brougham Boot


Al’s Race Glides built a two-speed Turbo 400 trans, equipped with a two-stage dump system with a Hughes bolt-together converter. The rear end is suitably heavy-duty – a Race Products floater with 40-spline, gun-drilled axles.

Chassis-wise, there aren’t any major departures from stock. The standard front end is retained but now benefits from a rack and pinion change, tubular arms and custom valved Manser shocks. A set of chassis connectors stiffens things up, while at the rear the stock suspension has been replaced with a motorized fab leaf and slider setup, moved inward for tire clearance and paired with a second set of Manser dampers. has gone

Street Machine Features Peter Sauer Hg Brougham Engine Bay 3


Minitubs were installed back to accommodate 15×10 double beadlock Weld Aloma Stars wearing 275/60R15 Mickey Thompson ET street drag radials, and will land the car in the Haltec Radial Blown class for Drag Challenge.

Aesthetically, the thing is an absolute peach. Wheels and tires aside, it could almost pass for a stocker, with the factory vinyl roof redone by trimmer Dan McHugh, and all the original Brougham trimmings remaining in place. Even the paint is inspired by the factory color Tennyson Turquoise, tweaked for added pop and expertly applied by Corey Phie at Street Elite.

Street Machine Features Peter Sauer Hg Brougham Engine Bay 10


A chrome-moly ‘cage is of course required for the trip down the strip, and Peter has a set of aluminum race seats that will be trimmed in factory material and fitted before the car gets down to the quarter. A Haltech iC-7 dash is mounted just north of the air-operated shifter, providing a bunch of handy information without needing to remove the stock Brougham instrument cluster.

BEWARND has been a few years in the making, but after MotorEx was delayed multiple times due to COVID, it has spent that time in hiding awaiting its unveiling. “I just wanted to race it, so it was hard to keep it under wraps, but luckily I had other cars to distract me!” Peter laughs.

Street Machine Features Peter Sauer Hg Brougham Interior 10


“I can’t wait for the drag challenge, and the first time I got to drive it on the street was for this photo shoot, which felt surreal! Doing pretty well, so I’ll probably go in that direction with the car and take Brougham out for some Canada Radial stuff in the OG275 class.

It truly is a Swiss Army Knife of a car – equally at home wowing crowds at fancy indoor car shows, scoring memorable numbers on the dyno, damaging quarters, or cruising the pub for the counter. And we sure can’t wait to see Peter stick it to the beam in the Street Machine Drag Challenge.

The Street Machine features a Peter Sauer HG Brougham console.


Peter Sawer
1970 Holden HG Brougham

paint: Custom Glasurit Tennyson Turquoise

Brand: 565ci Big Block Sheave
include: Custom billet ink intake manifold, custom water-to-air intercooler
ECU: Haltec Elite 2500T
Turbos: Twin Garrett 88 mm
Heads: Brodix BB3
Camshaft: Comp Cams Custom HPS Grinding
Conrods: Oliver
Piston: Customized JE
Crank: Callies Magnum
Fuel System: Twin Aeromotive
Cooling: PWR cover, custom radiator with SPAL fins
Emissions: Custom twin 4in system

Gearbox: Alz Race Glides Two Speed ​​Turbo 400
Converter: Hughes bolt together, two stage dump system
Difference: Race Products 40-spline floater, gun-drilled axle

Suspension and brakes
in front: Rack and Pinion Steering, Tubular Arms, Manser Shocks, Heavy Duty Springs
Back: Motor fab leaf spring and slider kit, Manser shocks
brake: Wilwood (f&r)
Master Cylinder: Willwood

Wheels and tires
codes: Weld Eloma Star; 17×4 (f), double bead lock 15×10 (r)
Rubber: Mickey Thompson ET Front (f), Mickey Thompson ET Street 275/60R15 ®

Justin Simpson at Horsepower Solutions; Dan Swaney at Promods Fabrication; Dean McHugh; Nick Worthy; Mark Sauer; Ash Mason at WTS; The Mecca of Suspension Dynamics. Corey Faye in Street Elite; Kevin Harnell; Graeme Mackinnon; Justin Cook.

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