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Peugeot is gearing up for a busy year in 2023. – Dubai Car News


  • An LCV will be the first fully electric Peugeot here.
  • More PHEVs are coming.
  • 408 is under consideration.

The launch of Peugeot’s new 308 hatch and wagon has signaled the launch of several new models for the iconic French marque.

The 308 ended a long-standing gap in its passenger car lineup when the second-generation model ended production just before COVID-19.

While the brand launched the three-cylinder turbo 308, a 165kW plug-in hybrid will be introduced in the first half of next year. Pricing hasn’t been announced yet, but with the 308 GT Hatch starting at $43,990 before it hits the road, it’s likely to be much higher, albeit with some relief in the form of federal government electric car rebate legislation. will get.

With the new model came some good news regarding pricing. Peugeot is now offering prepaid service plans on its models, offering substantial discounts on a limited-cost servicing regime. A three-year plan saves $427 on PAYG, while five years saves $689.

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Asked if the 308’s price point could hold it back, Local MD Kate Gillis says it’s in line with the brand’s strategy.

“Where you’ve got the premiumization of Peugeot, the more premium variants sell very well. So when there’s something different or something a little bit unique with the product, it’s really well received by customers.”

He added that the company would consider the cheaper 308 if demand arose.

The 508 PHEV Sport Wagon will also be introduced next year, along with the already launched Fastback. The 508 range has suffered a slump in Peugeot sales, which, Gillis said, is due to a lack of supply rather than a problem with Peugeot’s brand positioning.

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“It’s definitely semiconductor and supply, we can see that across the industry. So we’re looking forward to when that normalizes. I think we’ll start to see that improvement in every part of our business.” will give, so I have no doubt that with a new line-up, with the new 308 in our range, we will see it start to have more of an impact. Or less as it comes to market. “

Gillis puts the 508’s success down to its uniqueness.

“I think it really comes down to what other options are out there in the market. Certainly if someone is looking for a sedan in terms of sportiness and fastback (then) that’s what some people are looking for.” If you like it, it is very well positioned in the market.

Peugeot delayed the introduction of the 308 until it could guarantee a good supply of the new car to dealers.

2023 Peugeot 408 1


The Gillis will not be produced following a previous announcement about an electric LCV coming to Australia next year.

Peugeot has a selection of options from the factory. As with the 508, Peugeot’s partner LCV hasn’t suffered a sharp decline in sales, so it might. If the importer can keep the price under the luxury car tax threshold, heavy rebates courtesy of the electric car exemption and its fringe benefits tax exemptions may apply.

Another model in the form of the recently released 408 is also under consideration. A departure from the model’s previous incarnation, it’s a five-door coupe in the vein of the Renault Arcana, though Peugeot says it’s in a different segment.

“At this point we have given our interest and consideration for the 408 in this market,” Gilles said. “When we start to understand the spec and what we can offer, we’ll start to understand where it fits in our product mix.”

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