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Piaggio Delivers Over 10,000 EVs in 2022 – Dubai Car News

Italian company Piaggio Vehicles Pvt Ltd (PVPL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Italian Piaggio Group, recently crossed the milestone of delivering more than 10,000 electric vehicles (EVs) by the year 2022. A pioneer in three-wheeler electric mobility.

Piaggio Delivers Over 10000 EVs in 2022 Dubai Car

In 2019, Piaggio Vehicles, a pioneer in the three-wheeler commercial electric vehicle market, unveiled the Apé Electrik in India, the country’s first three-wheeler commercial electric vehicle. Since then, PVPL has continued to dominate the L5 category, with a market share of over 40%. In the industry, Apé Electrik offers the widest selection of products in fixed and replaceable battery solutions in the 3W electric range.

Speaking about the milestone, Mr. Diego Grafi, Chairman and Managing Director, Piaggio Vehicles Pvt Ltd said, “India’s acceptance and rate of adoption of EV technology has been tremendous. In the last three years, we have proven that “The benefits of switching to 3-Wheeler EVs are immense and it reaps maximum savings for entrepreneurs and B2B businesses. Our 3-Wheeler EV product capability ensures that we are the industry leader. Keep setting the standards
Significant contribution to India’s EV infrastructure. Delivering over 10,000 Apé Electrik vehicles is a significant achievement and I look forward to delivering over 20,000 in 2023.

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About Piaggio

Piaggio Group’s wholly owned subsidiary Piaggio Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. The company began operations in India in 1999, with the launch of the three-wheeler brand Apé, which was an instant hit and went from strength to strength over time. The diesel and alternative fuel three-wheeler market was established by PVPL. It also helped in expanding the market and maintaining its leadership. Besides offering a complete line of three-wheelers in diesel, petrol, CNG, and LPG fuel variants, Piaggio is the market leader in the light transportation segment.

More than 3.0 million happy customers across India have endorsed the company’s products, which are also exported to more than 50 other countries. At Baramati in Maharashtra, Piaggio has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with an annual production capacity of 3,80,000 commercial vehicles and 1,50,000 two-wheelers. With its state-of-the-art engine plant and capacity of 200,000 engines, it is also self-sufficient in some engine types. More than 4,000 people work for Piaggio, including experienced engineers, R&D specialists, plant workers, sales, service and marketing professionals.

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