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Preview of Summernats 35: Meguiar’s Great Uncover – Dubai Car News

WIt’s been a few days since the Street Machine Summer Nets 35, and it’s shaping up to be an absolute corker.

Meguiar’s Great Uncover will feature a massive lineup of 29 cars, from the Suzuki Mighty Boy to the ’34 Ford, and everything in between. Keep an eye on our social channels for more, but keep scrolling for some of our top picks so far!


Mike Davidson

1954 CHEV

Street Machine IMG 0806


What started as a resto job has turned into something much more custom and muscular for Mike. Highlights include a blown small-block with Quad Weber induction and custom 18 and 20in rims that mimic ’54 Bel Air hubcaps.

Street Machine IMG 0879


The interior features traditional tuck-and-roll trim, lightning rod-style shifters and a Super Truck custom-esque installation. It was all done by the wizards at Pat’s Pro Restos.

Street Machine IMG 4606


Al Magretzer

Morris Minor

Street Machine Events Summernats 35 Unveil Morris 2


Morris Minors rarely end up in the elite hall, but Al Magritzer’s stunning example would be right at home among the big boys. A joint effort by Al and Southern Rod & Custom, it features a crazy supercharged BMC A-Series mill and still runs a MOWOG gearbox.

Street Machine Events Summernats 35 Unveil Morris 5


The Outback is a strong Escort variant, as the BMC has never offered a third member for such strong power. The Artful extractor and radiator are custom bits, and are all dipped in factory green.

Street Machine Events Summernats 35 Unveil Morris 1


The rear bumper extension will sport a Continental kit, which is completely handcrafted. “We couldn’t find a Morris anywhere in the world with one of those,” says Al.

Having attended every Smyrnatus since its inception, he can’t wait for the launch of the magnificent Maury, especially after countless border closures and long journeys from central western NSW during construction.

Daniel Messard
VK Commodore

Street Machine Events Summernats 35 unveils Daniel Musard VK.


Daniel Mussard bolted together a tough 355-cube shave mill for his VK Commodore, before life got in the way and it was sidelined for five years. It’s now back in action, with Oberon Smash Repairs showing DNA Deep Blue coated panels.

Street Machine Events Summernats 35 unveils the Daniel Musard VK 2.


There’s also a ProTrans Bullet Turbo 400 with a full system exhaust and sheet metal nine-inch from Pro Street Industries. Inside you’ll find VE ClubSport pews all around, divided by a full-length console.

Matt Mackintosh
Headquarters Statesman

Street Machine Events Summernats 35 Matt McIntosh Statesman 1 unveiled


Echuca’s Matt McIntosh will be injecting the Great Anvil with some ground yacht love with his stonking, Siemens-clad HQ Stato. In keeping with HQ’s heritage, the fully fabbed engine bay features an engine master-built small-block Chev, punched 403 cubes and connected to twin precision snails via a custom boosted fabrication manifold. Is. On run-in tune, it spits out 1000hp. It is mated to a trans-brake and manualized red-cased Turbo 400, built by Paul Rogers.

Street Machine Events Summernats 35 Matt McIntosh Statesman 2 unveiled


Matt’s business, Echuca Service Centre, handled the paint and paneling in-house, having spent the last five years as an after-hours operation. The paint combo and interior fitout are still under wraps, though Matt assures us the combo will be “pretty wild.”

Brett Haverdine

1949 Ford

Brett’s 1FATHT Monaro blew our socks off when he lobbed at Smyrnatus 32. And like the HT, Brett’s single spinner has got the magic touch of Pro Flow Performance. Namely, epic stance, lots of grunt and detailed detail.

Street Machine Events Proflo Spinner 2


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