Wheels Mag Preview Nov22 2211whlprvw wheels magazine cover preview december 2022

Preview of Wheels December 2022 issue – Dubai Car News

How do we even begin with this? We’ve basically rounded up all the cars that have given us the juice to live up to expectations and given you the lowdown on each one.

And because we are a broad church here. The wheelsthe list includes everything from the modest MG4 to the extraordinary (and extraordinarily controversial) Ferrari Purosangue.

Wheels Mag Preview November 22 2211 Whlprvw 23 Cars


Between these points, there is the Ford F-150, Hyundai Ioniq 5 N, GWM Ora Cat, the Mustang Mach E, BMW M2, 911 GT3 RS and the hot version of our current Car of the Year, the Kia EV6. GT If it’s coming in 2023 and worth the wait, we’ve got you covered.

And like an afternoon TV ad selling suspiciously cheap cookware, there’s more!

Wheels Mag Preview Nov 22 2211 Whlprvw Kluger vs Sorrento


We put Johnny Law behind the wheel of the Toyota Corolla Cross to find out if the Hi-Rola turns more than the Mazda CX-30, VW T-Roc or Hyundai Kona and study whether you just Must stop. Being a tightwad and keep saving up for the RAV4 instead.

Daniel Gardner doesn’t have much in common with Joe Biden other than a penchant for stonewashed denim, but they both drive the Ford F-150 Lightning. Sleepy Joe couldn’t get his words out for deadline, so we blew it and you’ll have to settle for Gardner’s take on the big electric YouTube.

Wheels Mag Preview November 22 2211 Whlprvw Raptor


If you prefer your Ford pickups with a little more sucking, squeezing, pushing and flying about them, Cameron Kirby took the Ranger Raptor to the remotest and not to mention the dirtiest places in Victoria. We knew the raptor manicure was cool at the red dirt launch site, but what’s it like in the real world? Find out here.

2022’s weirdest entry into the mid-size SUV sector might be the BYD Atto 3, and we mean weird in a good way. Dylan Campbell puts it in front of a budget SUV with the MG ZS EV. We also have hybrid versions of the Toyota Kluger and Kia Sorento in an interesting twin test.

Wheels Mag Preview Nov 22 2211 Whlprvw Atto Vs MGZS


The lowdown on the Toyota GR86, a trip to Korea to drive Hyundai’s 605Nm Ioniq 6 streamliner, BMW’s pert iX1 compact SUV, why Dacias are heading to Australia, Renaults branded, how Volkswagen overcame dieselgate What and our normal period. Trimmers, a deep draft in the data bank, thought provoking comments, reader feedback and even you’ll get to learn something about Maria Teresa de Filippis. me neither. Every day is an education here.

Wheels Mag Preview November 22 2211 Whlprvw GR 86


There’s actually more, but we’re only charging you $12.95 for the privilege and it would seem odd if we continued.

So take some time and go for it. It will be on shelves from November 14th! Very good!

Wheels Mag Preview November 22 2211 Whlprvw Ioniq 6


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