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I Never heard of it ‘Torque Sticks’ Until one of my colleagues pulled them out of his bag while we were changing a tire somewhere on the Gary Highway.

They’ve been around for a while by all accounts and when I saw them I thought, ‘What a great idea’. When I got home I looked for them and found them at the Total Tools outlet. You won’t usually find them at Bunnings and the like.

The torque stick is intended to be used with a pneumatic impact wrench. If you’re using them with a battery-powered wrench, the more powerful the wrench, the better and more accurate the torque stick will be.

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I’m still not sure how they work since they just look like a socket extension bar, but the higher value torque rods are thicker.

No one would recommend them for tightening engine head bolts, for example, as this is more in the realm of precision (and expensive) torque wrenches. However, for wheel nuts, they seem to work fine.

We tested against a high-quality hand-held wrench and found them to be quite accurate, and certainly good enough for tightening wheel nuts.

4 X 4 Australia Gear 2022 Torque Sticks 1


While a 10-piece kit may seem a bit pricey, you can find sticks online for $30 to $40 each. Since we have two 4WD vehicles and often travel with clients who have a wide range of vehicles, we went with a 10-piece kit with torque sticks ranging from 90Nm to 200Nm. – which should cover each wheel nut. Typical 4WD vehicles we will ever see.

High-quality torque wrenches will set you back more than 300 bucks, and they require maintenance and aren’t ideal for carrying in a tool bag behind a bouncy 4WD – which is the main reason we torque. Went with the stick. .

Plus, if you only have one vehicle, you can throw the appropriate rod into the tool roll and not carry the whole kit, which is heavier than you might think.

Available from:
10-piece kit $183

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