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Production is about to end after 46 years, 4.8 million sales – Dubai Car News

Production is about to end after 46 years 48 million

“It never rains, but it pours.” It’s a well-known saying, meaning that bad news seems to come fast – or at least, it’s an observation of the human tendency to remember all the bad times.

This week, Ford confirmed what has been expected for some time – the Fiesta is dead after 46 years and 4.8 million sales.

The news is worse than expected, however, with reports from earlier this year suggesting that the three-door Fiesta would be the only one to be sent out to pasture. A logical decision, it would have been, and certainly in keeping with market trends. Alas, that’s the entire Fiesta line-up Ford is shutting down, just months after confirming that the larger Focus is also signing off.

Perhaps there is some irony here too, because when Ford announced the current Fiesta range it said: “Moving with the times From entertainment to setting new standards for drive, technology and performance have been a huge part of it. Festa’s enduring success”.

In fact, time has moved on slightly in favor of smaller SUVs – like the Puma, which has now become Ford’s smallest offering. The festival will bear no more.

Of course, this isn’t really much news to Australian buyers – most of the Fiesta range left the continent years ago, thanks to declining sales and a decision to move production to Germany, ditching the cheaper Thai-made model. Given what we got here.

The current generation only came with the Hero ST grade in 2020, but Ford confirmed in August that it had done so too. (With Focus ST.)

Along with announcing the end of the Fiesta, Ford released a heartwarming video (the kind that, if released a few years ago with more positive lyrics, would encourage buyers to reconsider the Fiesta. will encourage) to celebrate its history.

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