2024 Ram 1500 Revolution concept pick up truck ute

Ram teased an electric concept for CES 2023 – Dubai Car News

At one of the world’s most prominent technology events, CES, the Ram 1500 is all set to unveil the Revolution Concept.

The Consumer Electronics Show, held annually in Las Vegas, is the event where brands showcase their innovations and future products – and Ram has indicated that its battery electric vehicle (BEV) will feature prominently.

As Ram looks to introduce electric variants across its range, the Ram 1500 Revolution will be a key product in its pickup truck lineup. Ram Trucks claims the BEV will arrive in 2024, ahead of its ambitions to offer mostly electric vehicles before 2025, and ultimately lead to an all-electric showroom by 2030.



The focus for the electric Ram 1500 Revolution will be on key areas such as payload, towing capacity, charge time and vehicle range.

There’s no doubt that any electric truck will need to equal or exceed the key capabilities of its piston-engined counterparts – although driving range, especially when towing, is a challenge for the foreseeable future. There will be an obstacle.

The current Ram 1500 Laramie RamBox V8 can tow 4500kg (braked) with a payload of 779kg. The vehicle has a curb weight of 3450kg with a curb weight of 2553kg, so buyers will be looking at how the extra weight of a larger battery pack and stiffer suspension contributes to the vehicle’s overall weight if the payload is the same as the current ICE vehicle. Is. .

Current RAM 1500 tray dimensions

Load length 1712 mm
Load width 1270 mm

With EV trucks recognized as a potentially lucrative segment to pursue, with Ford recently showing off its F-150 Lightning (not expected here anytime soon), Rivian has long been promoting the R1T (which may or may not come to Australia…) and LDV’s eT60 is the first electric truck to make its way to Australia.

Tesla’s Cybertruck grabbed headlines when it was unveiled in 2019, with production now expected to begin next year – although it has been removed from the brand’s Australian website.

The current Ram 1500 has proven popular in Australia, with 557 units of the truck finding homes in September 2022 – up from 264 for the same month in 2021.

CES 2023 is set to begin on January 5 in Las Vegas, returning to its in-person format following the COVID pandemic.

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