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  • All Australian company that manufactures bespoke 4×4 tourers.
  • Advanced 4WD Touring Custom Builds
  • All inclusive off-grid focused touring packages

Regular readers of 4X4 Australia Featured in its pages are the fully stripped 4×4 rigs from Rambler Vehicles.

There’s a good reason we keep coming back to Rambler Rigs because they’re complete packages for off-road touring. Comprehensive turnkey vehicles modified and equipped for off-road escapades anywhere around Australia.

The buildings we’ve come to admire at Rambler are high-end tourers built to go anywhere and sustain off-grid living. Most often they’re based on a Toyota Land Cruiser – either the LC79 or 200, often chopped and stretched – but we’ve also seen a Hilux and a few Isuzu D-MAXes from the Brisbane workshop.

Construction begins with new vehicles that go through bumper-to-bumper modifications to deliver a touring rig that matches the customer’s plans and expectations. The customer then takes delivery of a new 4×4 that is completely ready to hit the road and travel across the country. Rambler handles registration (NSW and Queensland only) and can deliver vehicles nationwide.

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Build 300 series of Rambler vehicles

They even offer a nationwide three-year/100,000 km warranty on all accessories and modifications regardless of the manufacturer’s warranty. The vehicles also come with a free First Rambler service to check all mods.

Fast forward to 2023, Rambler is almost ready to unveil its first LandCruiser 300 build and also reveal packages they’re working on for full-size American utes like the Silverado 1500.

But who are Rambler vehicles and what do they do to make their build so special? We spent some time with the Rambler director, Chris Humphreys to find out.

Rambler Vehicles Chris Humphreys


Chris Humphreys, Director of Rambler Vehicles

4X4 Australia: What are Rambler Vehicles?

Chris: Rambler is primarily a one-stop specialist vehicle and equipment broker. We work with clients to understand their needs and desires. We help in selecting the best platform (vehicle) and best fit-out for their needs, taking into account GVM, GCM and towing requirements. We plan construction down to the last detail.

4X4 Australia: What are consumers looking for in their 4×4 builds?

Chris: Most of our customers are looking for touring packages. The most common requirements are GVM/GCM upgrades, interior upgrades – better seat comfort, leather, sound deadening and stereo upgrades. Also, 12-volt battery systems and upright refrigerators are part of most builds.

4X4 Australia: So once you know what the client wants, how does the build go?

Chris: We source the vehicle and accessories and then do modification, quality assurance and in-house commissioning. We even offer finance and insurance options, making Rambler a true one-stop shop.

Rambler Vehicles 2021 D-MAX


4X4 Australia: Rambler builds always use some of the aftermarket products available, what are some of the main brands you work with?

Chris: We are always guided by customer requirements however we have preferred brands because of the quality and after sales support they offer. These include Light Force, Carmen’s Auto Upholstery, ASG4X4, Superior Engineering, Outback Armor, TJM 4×4, Alpine, Toyo Tires and Offroad Industries 4×4.

4X4 Australia: You mentioned TJM 4×4, you also own a TJM store, so is TJM gear a must on a Rambler?

Chris: The Rambler is 100 percent separate. He has his own business, in his own facility. We still use a large amount of TJM product because we know and trust it, but we are not attached to the brand. We can and will install ARB, Outback Armor, Superior Engineering, and Off Road Animal products in Rambler builds.

4X4 Australia: Spinifex is another brand we see on many Rambler builds.

Chris: Spinifex Manufacturing is our business and complements Rambler. This is our manufacturing and 12 volt business, so we use it to make our canopies, trays, power boards and custom builds. We have customers who choose other brands of canopies and trays, and Spinifex still supports this with interior fit-outs and accessories.

4 X 4 Australia Review 2022 Custom Rambler 79 Series Land Cruiser Rambler Vehicles Blue Toyota 79 Land Cruiser Shop Truck 3


The rear of the 79 series of Rambler vehicles

4X4 Australia: Between the Rambler, Spinifex and TJM businesses, you’re very focused on 4×4 vehicles. Tell us about your 4x4s.

Chris: I have been in the 4WD and outdoor recreation industry for over 20 years. I am an auto electrician by trade and have had a passion for cars since a young age.

My second car was a 1.0 liter Suzuki Sierra 4×4 and this is where the love of exploring began. Since then I’ve owned Jeeps, Hulks, Patrols, Land Cruisers, Pathfinders, Suzukis and even a couple of Land Rovers. Currently I drive a Chevy Silverado.

4X4 Australia: What’s your favorite rambler?

Chris: Land Cruisers are my favourites, so for me personally it’s a toss-up between the Urban Khaki 200 and the recently featured Ultimate White Stretched 200 – both cars I wish we had.

4 X 4 Australia Reviews 2021 September 2021 Rambler Vehicles Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Series 33


200 Series Land Cruiser of Rambler vehicles

4X4 Australia: Rambler Not just you, who else is behind the business?

Chris: Brad Russell is the other driving force behind the Rambler. We have been business partners for the past decade. Bradmount is Jesus, born and raised in the mines. He is a Toyota guy and loves his 70 Series Cruiser. He is currently running 79 series.

4X4 Australia: Chris and Brad have over 50 years and tens of thousands of kilometers of experience in the 4×4 and touring business. It’s this experience that gives them an in-depth knowledge of what a touring 4×4 vehicle needs, and the best parts and processes needed to achieve it.

Backing him up at Rambler headquarters are Dan Urda, Customer Experience Manager, and Shay Smith, Procurement and Logistics Manager, both experienced and enthusiastic four-wheel drivers.

Have customer needs changed over the years you’ve been doing Rambler?

Chris: I wouldn’t say our customers’ needs have changed, but our offering has better understood what our customers actually do and what works and what doesn’t work. We constantly review what we do and why we do it. We’re far from perfect and rely on our customers’ feedback (the good, the bad and the ugly) to make what we do better and better.

Archive Cust Car 2019 04 29 1 Custom Rambler Land Cruiser 79 by TJM Review


79 Series Land Cruiser of Rambler vehicles

4X4 Australia: What’s new and exciting from Rambler in 2023?

Chris: We will launch our first 300 double cab with ASG at the Brisbane 4×4 Show (March 17-19). We’re also excited about the US truck program launching at the Brisbane Show. We will debut our new Chevy 1500 series platform built for the Australian Tour. We also have some really exciting GVM and GCM based programs for Chevy that are being rolled out in conjunction with Touring Solutions Australia and Off Road Industries.

4X4 Australia: It looks like there is no slowing down for the team at Rambler Vehicles and the coming year will be full of exciting new builds using the latest vehicles on the market.

If you’re at the Brisbane 4×4 Show in March, be sure to visit their stand to see the latest builds, otherwise Rambler website And get in touch with the team to make your dream 4×4 a reality.

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