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Readers’ project cars are under construction. – Dubai Car News

Brad Smith
Holden VH Commodore

“I’ve been building my dream for the past 15 years. Like all construction, it started as a small project and got out of hand, but I’m hoping 2022 will be the year!

The engine is an injection and stroke 308 making 700hp, built by Brenton.
From Marusic Inductions. It’s running a MoTeC ECU and has been made a futuristic roof for a manufacturer that might get there someday.

Street Machine Features Brad and Leanne Smith VH Commodore 3


Power goes through a turbo 400 and to the ground via a full-floater nine-inch diff, which sits inside a pair of mini-tubs. The idea is to have it completely engineered in South Australia, and so far it has passed its torsional test with flying colors.

The paint is Euro Platinum Grey, and it will sit on a set of Siemens rims with 275 tires in the rear.

Georgina Wilkinson
1964 Chevy C10

Street Machine Features Georgina Wilkinson C10 1


“This is my childhood dream car! I imported it back in February of last year, and I’ve been driving and modifying it ever since.

The week it arrived, I tied in a disc brake replacement and fuel tank relocation, c-notched the chassis for airbags, installed an HEI distributor and manifold, and upgraded the carby and 12-volt alternator.

Street Machine Features Georgina Wilkinson C10 4 Crop


I recently pulled it back off the road for ‘Stage Two’ of the build, which will include fresh paint and wood for the bed floor. I will be rebuilding the 350 cubic small block shiv with alloy heads, a lumpy cam and roller rockers, as well as adding air con and a bunch of other stuff.

I’ve been doing everything myself so far, including welding the extra firewall holes, fabricating my drip rails and all the other body work. Soon it will be off to the paint, where it will be sprayed in turquoise with two different pearls, which should look really nice.

Street Machine Features Georgina Wilkinson C10 2


I am absolutely wining it so far and it has been a roller coaster of emotions, but it will be worth it in the end! You can follow all my progress on my Instagram, @that.aussie.c10

Gordon Hudson
Ford XB Falcon

Street Machine Features Gordon Hodgson Xb Falcon 2


“I got my XB coupe after taking three road trips across America in Grant Hudson’s supercharged red XC coupe. I joked that I’d really like a coupe, too, and as soon as we got back home the hunt was on. was ongoing.

I got lucky and committed to a pre-painted rolling shell in 2019, which is where the project started. I had a spare 408 crank and rods lying around from my last build, so the Cleveland I’m building will have a lot more life than its original 302.

The aftermarket sunroof has been removed and the engine is awaiting pistons, and then I’m looking forward to doing all the assembly work.”

John Page
1965 Ford Mustang

Street Machine Features John Page Mustang 3 Crop


“This is the fastback my son and I have been working on together. The motor is a 363-cube Dart built with solid internals and tuned for 550rwhp, with an additional 150 shot of gas. are also

The gearbox is a T56 manual, running on a Truetrac rear end with 3.7:1 gears. The car has been mini-tubbed to fit 275 Mickey T tires on 17-inch rear hoops.

Street Machine Features John Page Mustang 5


The front end also underwent a makeover and is now an independent affair, with Wilwood brakes all around.

The paint is Designo Gray by Mercedes-AMG, and once the car is back from being finished and polished, we’ll start assembling it with new parts.

Nadine Hollis
Holden VL Callis

Street Machine Features Nadine Hollies Vl Calais 1


“I bought this car in 2019 with the intention of making it a weekender, and it’s happening! I was originally going to paint it purple, but after looking at so many purples, I changed my mind to pink. Changed.

It’s very out there and definitely not one of my go-to colors. The driveline package is an injected 346ci small-block Chevy, refreshed with a bunch of new goodies including ported heads, a bigger cam and all the supporting mods.

Street Machine Features Nadine Hollies Vl Calais 4


It also has a larger converter and VL turbo disc brake rear end. It has been a long journey, with many setbacks, but it has been worth it.

It’s not finished yet, but I’m determined to have it out of the shed before 2023.

Kramer Coulahan
Holden WB One Tonner

Street Machine Features Kramer Cuolahan Wb One Tonner 5


“This is my 1982 Holden One Tuner project. It was my grandfather’s car before he gave it to me in March 2020 saying he would never have time to finish it.

So I’ve taken up the challenge to fix it and make it a cool weekender. It had been sitting in his shed for 20 years, and since it was a farm, it was a bit rusty.

Street Machine Features Kramer Cuolahan Wb One Tonner 9


All the COVID lockdowns have given me time to get out of the shed and do some work. I’ve done all the chassis work, all the rust work on the cab is done, and we’re almost done with the other panels.

I’ve learned a lot from the restoration work so far, and I’ve been lucky to have some guidance and space from my dad, Simon. I’ve spent most of my money from my part-time job on it, and I hope to be able to take my grandpa for a ride once it’s done.”

Mark Olson
Nissan Skyline

Street Machine Features Mark Olson Skyline 2


“This is my 2001 Nissan Skyline HV35 300GT. Originally it came with a 3.0-litre V6 and a five-speed auto, but it’s now converting from a VF Holden ute to a 6.0-litre L77 LS and a TR6060 six-speed manual.

With the help of some mates, the engine and gearbox went in very easily, mainly because we used the Fuel Racing USA basic conversion kit. It also features a custom single-piece tailshaft and a new LSD for the independent rear end.

Street Machine Features Mark Olsen Skyline 1


He’s booked to get some major work done later this year, which will include clutch pedals, lines, shifter relocation, headers, intake and that sort of thing.

Have a sweet ride that’s currently under construction? Send pictures of it with some details to: In The Build, Street Machine, Locked Bag 12, Oakleigh, Vic 3166 or email to Please note: Send us copies of your prints as we are unable to return images.

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