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Rob Godfrey’s SMOTY winning HQ One Toner – Dubai Car News

Rob Godfrey’s HQ One Tonner is an automotive Cinderella story. Bought at age 15 to see Rob through his carpentry apprenticeship, it became one of the most successful street cars in history.

As I was published. Street Machine Legends II

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Rob balances neat with road miles and tough with racetrack, doing most of the work himself with the help of several good teammates.

The Tuner was initially charcoal gray and Holden-powered, but Rob upgraded the former to a big-block in the early 2000s and upgraded the car accordingly, adding four-link rear welding and a sensible roll cage. . The car then ran through the high nines, but Rob wanted more – specifically a long-deck 655 Cuber, which was put together by pro street guru Mark Hayes.

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To prevent the rocker cover from sticking out of the bonnet, Rob lowered the engine, creating one of the best HQ engine bays in existence. The rebuild also called for new paint, this time a beautiful house of cooler Sunset Pearl.

TOYTON went on a trophy-winning rampage at Summernats 20 in 2007, taking home both Tuff Street and PPG Supreme.

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Rob returned in 2008 to crack Elliott Hall. He put the tuner straight into the top 10, nailed the driving events, and found himself lifting the sword of Grand Champion! He then pumped a big skid out of the burnout pad and headed straight to the dyno to take his class. It was a dominant performance that undoubtedly helped propel HQ to SMOTY fame later that year.

Rob ran HQ to a personal best of 8.8 seconds and also won a couple of meets. Other achievements include a record setting 1053rwhp at the Summer Nets 22 and a Powercruise powerskid comp win.

Street Machine Features Rob Godfrey Hq Tonner Engine Bay Wm


In 2012, he brought the 502 back to HQ in Smyrnatus, and when invited to participate in the City Cruise, he ran a four-barrel carb before switching to an 8/71 the next day!

“I did more with the ute than I thought possible, and I absolutely love it,” says Rob. “I put the big motor in a Torana race car because I didn’t want to destroy the tuner. These days I like to take it for a pub cruise with my dad’s XW Falcon.

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engine 655ci CHEV
Gearbox Turbo 400
Difference 9 inches
code Features of the billet

Originally published: September 2007

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