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If you want electric utes in Australia and you’re tired of waiting for an announcement, a new option is set to become available next year – and the startup has committed to converting 1000 utes in the first 12 months.


  • The ROEV electric ute conversion costs $47,990 to $57,990.
  • Two battery packs, up to 360km range and V2L power station capability
  • Initially available only to fleets, the Q2 will launch as early as 2023.

Brisbane-based startup ROEV has announced. Fully electric conversions of the Toyota HiLux and Ford Ranger utes will cost from $47,990 on top of the vehicle price. But, it will only be available for flat users only at the time of launch.

An electric ute conversion kit is available for all internal combustion engine (ICE) body styles. HiLux and Ranger covering the 2016 to 2022 model years, and 4×2 or 4×4 variants. Fleet customers can retain the existing accessories installed in their vehicles.

2023 Roev Electric Toyota Hilux 2


The standard range battery pack is a 64kWh unit that offers a claimed range of up to 240km on a full charge. Prices for the conversion range from $47,990 to $51,990. The older the model, the higher the cost of an ICE to EV retrofit.

Meanwhile, the larger extended-range battery pack has a capacity of 96kWh. With a claimed driving range of up to 360 kmcosting $53,990 to $57,990 depending on model year.

All can be recharged up to 11kW AC and 80kW DC Using a standard Type 2/CCS2 charging connector

Retrofitted electric utes are also capable of vehicle-loading (V2L) large battery packs as mobile power stations to power tools and charge devices via a 240-volt, 20-amp socket.

ROEV (Renewable Optimized Electric Vehicles) is also planning for vehicle-to-home (V2H) and vehicle-to-grid (V2G) two-way charging in the second version, so EVs can be integrated with home battery storage systems to save on household electricity costs. can work as And be a backup source during a blackout.

We heard a rumor that no one is making electric utes… our electric Hilux disagrees! #ELECTRICUTE #ev #evute #electricvehicles #evFleet

Posted by ROEV On Tuesday, August 30, 2022

How much is the conversion of electric Toyota Hilux and electric Ford Ranger?

Note: The prices below are above the purchase price of the vehicle.

Hilux/Ranger base vehicle Standard range Extended range
4×2 MY20-22 $47,990 $53,990
4×2 MY16-19 $48,990 $54,990
4×4 MY20-22 $50,990 $56,990
4×4 MY16-19 $51,990 $57,990

The only original equipment manufacturer (OEM) electric ute on sale in Australia. LDV eT60, which costs $92,990 before on-road costs.

How does the LDV eT60 price compare to buying and swapping a HiLux or Ranger?

For context, the gasoline-powered 2022 Toyota Hilux Workmate Cab chassis 4×2 guise starts at $24,225 before hitting the road with a manual transmission. Opting for standard range conversions totals $72,215.

Or if it’s the exotic 2022 Ford Ranger Raptor that costs $85,490 before it hits the road, opting for the extended range will bring that to a grand total of $142,480.

And, it’s worth noting that many ROEV customers may have existing utes on their fleet that are suitable for conversion, with the purchase price already quoted.

2023 Roev Electric Toyota Hilux 5


When will ROEV’s Electric Hilux and Electric Ranger conversions begin?

Roev will begin production of the conversion from the second quarter of 2023 (April to June inclusive), with the first round of reservations opening in December.

However, it will only be available to fleet customers to extend the life of their existing petrol and diesel vehicles by going all-electric. but, Offering the conversion kit to the wider public is on the cards in the future.

The startup has committed to converting 1,000 utes in the first 12 months.

Roev says the retrofit integrates with vehicle safety systems, is safety and compliance certified, includes warranty and maintenance support, and is a more sustainable way to transition the fleet to electric (the vehicles instead of changing).

Roev CEO Boah Wasmer said, “We are excited to work with Fleet for energy storage, flexibility, management and distribution.

2023 Roev Electric Toyota Hilux 1


“We’ve heard from a lot of fleets that they want to replace slightly older vehicles to extend the life of their existing assets.

“With the conversion, you’re not just adding an electric vehicle to your fleet, you’re taking a diesel vehicle off the road and preventing years of future tailpipe C02 emissions.

“Australia needs a large number of electrical appliances… conversions are one way we can tackle this problem, but we also need imports and mainstream brands to come to the party.”

The Brisbane-based company also plans to design, engineer and manufacture its own pure electric ute and SUV models based on a ladder frame chassis to be launched around 2026.

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