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Royal Enfield GT Cup Season 2 Results – Dubai Car News

Royal Enfield. The oldest motorcycle manufacturer in India. A company that doesn’t focus on anything other than motorcycles. A company that focuses on only two things – motorcycles and motorcycling.

Royal Enfield, unlike other Japanese manufacturers, has nothing but motorcycling in its portfolio. And not just motorcycling. A very pure form of motorcycling. Royal Enfield, in a world where bikes are just things that take you from place A to place B, in a world where commuting by bike and any other form of transport like bus or train is practical. There is no difference. Where motorcycles have become mere goods or passengers, trying to do something special, stand out rather than fit in.

In a world where companies make motorcycles, Royal Enfield decided to make a connection instead. Royal Enfield motorcycles create an experience that, I repeat, no other manufacturer in the world has been able to do. There’s a reason why Royal Enfields’ following comes only close to that of Harley-Davidson. They may not be the fastest, the cheapest, or the most technologically advanced, but everyone knows that a Royal Enfield is a Royal Enfield.

RE Continental GT Cup S2

Talking about visual experiences, Royal Enfield has recently achieved something that makes riding a motorcycle more exciting. Racing and real knee-scratching action-packed racing at that. Yes, you guessed right! I am talking about JK Tyre’s Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup 2022 Championship. After the resounding success of the debut season last year, Season 2 of this one-of-a-kind racing championship saw an overwhelming response from the racing community with around 500 entries including the top 25 selected from across India. The racers showed their courage. and racing skills on the circuit.

As this exciting season draws to a close, the winners have been announced. Alon Xavier Surya M from Thrissur in the professional category and Surya M from Chennai in the amateur category won the Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup Season 2 Championship title with 49 and 85 points respectively. 25 top racers from across the country competed in 8 intense races this year on race-ready Continental GT-R650s at the Cary Motor Speedway racetrack.


True to its ‘Pure Sport’ philosophy, the Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup is a unique racing format in India that aims to create an accessible entry into track racing for newcomers as well as seasoned racers. Taking the intensity up a notch on the race track, Season 2 of JK Tires introduces the exciting Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup. ‘Pro M’ In this year’s format, where 10 professional and 15 amateur racers competed in three challenging rounds (8 races) as part of the JK Tire FMSCI National Racing Championship (JK-NRC) and their Royal Enfield Continental GT- Try extraordinary racing skills. R650

Commenting on the successful Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup 2022 season, Adrian Sellers, Head – Customs and Motorsport He said, “After a fantastic debut season last year, the continued success of the Royal Enfield Continental GT Cup shows just how popular we are in the racing community. The racer’s exceptional performance is a testament to our efforts to bring track racing closer to aspiring racers on the Continental GT-R650. The introduction of the new ‘Pro-Am’ format has truly helped all riders, This gave the amateur riders an opportunity to learn professional skills and instill a spirit of mentorship among the seniors. We congratulate all the winners and look forward to coming back next year with even more intensity and enthusiasm.”

Championship Results:

Professional category

Winner – Alon Xavier – 49 points

1st runner-up – Anish Shetty- 42 points

2nd runner-up – Sudhir S – 34 points

Amateur category

Winner – Surya PM – 85 points

1st runner-up – Varun Gowda – 50 points

2nd runner-up – Rajkumar – 44 points

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